AVATAR and Lzzy Hale present “Violence Doesn’t Matter What”


Lzzy Hale and Johannes Eckerström sing Violence No Matter What
Lzzy Hale and Johannes Eckerström sing “Violence No Matter What”

Johannes Eckerström duets with singer Halestorm

symbol picture – who will perform with VEIL OF MAYA Y KASSOGTHA in Barcelona and Madrid in March – he shared another track from the album”Devil’s Dance“, “Violence does not matter what”. The Americans singer collaborates on the song HALESTORMAnd lzzy hale.

“Dance Devil Dance” will be released on February 17 by Thirty Tigers.

Setting boundaries with “violence no matter what”

avatar singer, Johannes Eckerstrom, states: “Violence doesn’t matter” is about one thing and one thing only. It’s okay to argue, fight, and think differently. But there is a limit, and The line must be drawn in power accompanied by violenceA vision of the world that cannot survive without enemies, and a promised return to a former, feigned glory.

lzzy hale He says of the song: “‘Violence No Matter What’ was a very inspiring piece of work to be involved with. Thank you guys so much for giving me the chance.” I express my grief at the horrors of this world With this amazing song.

This is the method used by the file Duet by Johannes Eckerström and Lzy Hill:

We remind you of another preview with the music video for “The Dirt I’m Buried In”:

“Valley of Sickness” The preview was.

You can also watch the age-restricted video for the song that gives the album its name on YouTube.

Jay Ruston He was responsible for the production of “Dance Devil Dance”.

In a press release, the band confirms about future work:

What is the mission of AVATAR?

They will provide heavy metal.

There are no weapons on the planet that can challenge the power of an electric guitar.. For decades, metal has been the most powerful force known to man. His sonic teeth have gnawed at the status quo time and time again, pushing the boundaries of what can be created at the intersection of blood and machine. If Mount Rushmore were to be carved for all the titans of this kind, it would span the entire globe many times over. Misfits and Rebels are a burning beacon.

Over time, much of the landscape split into two equally fossilized camps. The first is always firmly rooted in the past, and no longer strives for leadership. The second are those who have forgotten the most important components of what made the metal what it was and what it should remain. They have lost touch with Satan. They forgot how to move. in It is best to try the type with the whole bodyThey have lost their lust.

We grew up together. Jon and Jonas started the band when they were just 15 and 14 years old. Johannes joined at the age of 16, as did Henrik and eventually Simon, who left to be replaced by Tim, an old friend of ours, in 2012.

As we constantly redefine what we do and why we do it, we are among the select few who have remained a true group of brothers. Metal was our key to the kingdom, Our way of seeing the world. Self-financing for the first time when we were 18-19 years old, we never waited for anyone’s approval or permission. With “Dance Devil Dance”, we insist on giving back for everything we got.

“Dance Devil Dance” was recorded in the Swedish wastelandfar from all the glamor seen in the big city and modern studios. Jay Ruston (ANTHRAX, MR. BUNGLE, CROBOT, STONE SOUR, AMON AMARTH, URIAH HEEP, etc.) He returned as producer. He first worked with us when he mixed “Hail the Apocalypse,” a role he reprized on “Feathers & Flesh” before taking the helm as producer on “Avatar Country” and “Hunter Gatherer.” We didn’t want or need extra staff. We’ve been together for a month, eating, sleeping, and breathing “Dance Devil Dance,” just the six of us.

You always hear bands say, “This is our best album. This is our best album. It’s AVATAR at its max focus, at its max intensity. There’s no bullshit, no excess fat. Every theme is a weapon and has a purpose. It’s all in the title, like this album.” Our wildest, horniest, most spiritual launch, everything at once. It’s a record you should listen to.”

The album’s themes are:

  1. Devil’s Dance
  2. Chimp mosh pit
  3. Valley of disease
  4. on the beach
  5. Do you feel in control
  6. Gotta want riot
  7. The soil in which you are buried
  8. Clouds covered in chrome
  9. Hazmat jacket
  10. train
  11. Violence Doesn’t Matter (duet with Lizzie Hale)
Devil Dance: Avatar Tweak
Devil Dance: Avatar Tweak


Avatar will present their album “hunter’s collection” On these dates:

  • Friday 24 March 2023 – Barcelona (Razzmatazz Room 2)

    Advance ticket: 25 euros. The ticket at the box office is 30 euros.

  • Saturday 25 March 2023 – Madrid (capital)
    Advance ticket: 25 euros. The ticket at the box office is 30 euros.

tickets For sale on MadnessLive.es.

band released “hunter’s collection” on August 7, 2020 via eOne. Since then, the group has released independent singles such as “Cruel and Unusual”, “Building Souls”, “So Sang the Hollow”, “Waste of Mother Cloth” and “Go Hunting”.

The band also screened a 45-minute movie, “Legend Of Avatar Country: A Metal Odyssey”. The film was funded through a campaign Crowdfunding.

We remind you that we were able to see AVATAR together with MEGARA and KILLUS in Valencia, as well as at the German Summer Breeze Festival.

More information about the band on their Facebook page.


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