A middle-aged man loses a whopping five stone with simple diet changes


Mark, from Warrington, has lost a whopping five stones by making simple changes to his lifestyle and diet. He started playing sports and now regularly attends boxing classes.

Mark told Express.co.uk he’s tried every diet under the sun, but only recently found a way to lose weight.

“At 18.5 stone, my biggest ever, I’ve tried all the famous and not-so-famous diets with a constant yo-yo style over the years.

“I had just turned 50 and it was very clear in my mind that I needed to make a lifestyle change or I would suffer in my twilight years. That’s when I was introduced to Nathan.”

Nathan Kennedy is a personal trainer and coach who has helped Mark on his health and weight loss journey.

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A year after starting his weight loss journey, Mark says he is as fit as ever and manages to maintain his ideal weight.

It does this through diet and exercise. The 54-year-old explained that he eats “slow-release carbs to start the day, so porridge or overnight oats get me going for lunch, then usually something small like protein with rice cakes, and then a big evening meal based on roasted vegetables.” Air fryer and some kind of protein.

As for the workout, Mark continued, “The workout is mainly focused on strength, continuing what I learned from Nathan, with very little cardio. I work out a lot, so I also have a 20-minute routine that I can do in the hotel room.”

He added, “I still keep in touch with Nathan and I’m still the same weight and body structure that I was then.” “It taught me to keep stretching myself, so I recently performed for cancer research in front of 600 people and tied an opponent who was in his mid-twenties.

“The journey never stops, with Nathan keeping drumming inside of me, I am happier than I have ever been in my life and always looking forward to the next thing.”

Mark added that his mental health has improved dramatically in the past few months, saying: “My general mind has become a lot sharper since losing the weight, which is mostly due to sleeping so well now.

“Understanding the effects of food on my mood has helped put me in a great place — I now don’t feel like an imposter in another body and I’ve progressed in all aspects of my life because of my increased well-being mindset.”

Nathan is a fully qualified personal trainer and fitness expert with a decade of experience in the fitness industry.

On their website, the personal trainer said, “I am currently a self-employed online trainer who provides customized training programs, customized nutritional programs, and lifestyle coaching and can help you achieve various fitness goals online. Whether you want to lose fat, gain muscle, or get Fitness, I can help you on your journey.

“Fitness should be something that helps you in all areas of life. If you focus on being fit, eating right and exercising right, you will reap the benefits. As your online coach, I can inspire you to exercise properly and exercise well. Regular exercise is the key to health the public.

Passionate about your progress, I thrive on helping clients achieve their fitness goals, and nothing means more to me than helping a client reach their fitness goal.


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