You’ll burn tons of calories with the viral fitness challenge for moms!


Several scientific investigations have shown the effectiveness of this routine in maintaining shape, strengthening legs and buttocks, and burning fat.

Endless work days, kids, home… The hectic daily life makes it almost impossible to find time for it Practical Training Not to mention going to the gym. There are many women for whom a New Year’s resolution to get in shape and lose weight seems like an impossible task. Chores, extracurricular assignments, birthdays… they gobble up their daily lives without leaving time for almost anything else. Now, a fun viral challenge taking over Instagram aims to solve that problem and offer an effective way to get in shape while going about your daily routine.

the fitness Trainer Luis Monsalves shared from the Betfit2.0 Instagram profile a Funny solution That will allow Busy moms Get fit and burn calories. the the challengewhich is sweeping Instagram, he suggests Performing squats every time our children call us. “How much did you do all day?” he wonders. The post has nearly 230,000 likes.

But, other than the fun challenge, the fact is that several scientific investigations have shown squats to be effective for staying in shape, strengthening legs and buttocks, and burning fat.

Backed by science

According to a 2014 scientific study, squats are “one of the essential core movements needed to improve athletic performance, reduce injury risk, and support lifelong physical activity.” “For lower-body strength and flexibility, there is probably no better exercise,” says Brian Christensen, a professor of biomechanics at North Dakota State University in Fargo who studies resistance exercises.

And it is that if you are looking to lose weight, squats should be part of your training plan because it is an exercise that not only works your legs and buttocks, but also involves your lower back to maintain balance and your quadriceps and abdominal muscles. It’s good these days to have aerobics and strengthening options that can be done at home, and squats are an ideal exercise.

Mother doing squats with her daughter / freepik

If you do squats, you speed up your body and activate large muscle groups that become calorie burners throughout the day, raise your heart rate and can be a good option for sleeping better.

Squats burn a ton of calories and not only are you performing them, but they keep burning for the next 24 hours, thanks to their intensity; Due to the latter, they also stimulate the cardiovascular system. This simple exercise will help you burn up to 202 calories in 30 minutes and up to 404 if you weigh 55 kilograms.

How to perform squats correctly:

1. Your legs should be about shoulder width apart

2. You can cross or stretch your arms in front to better balance your weight when you come down

3. The buttocks should be kept back so that the effort is made with the legs.

4. The most important characteristic of this technique is that the knees do not go beyond the ends of the feet, but rather they should always be behind.

5. You should watch your back posture, it should remain straight at all times without leaning forward or backward too much.

6. When going down, do not go down to avoid knee injuries. Exhale while going down and slowly go up.

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