What does it mean to have a white tongue? Oral problem to fight


Oral health is essential to good health, because poor hygiene or suffering from any condition that harms it can hinder processes such as digestion, speech, and the expression of emotions.

Generally, The basic measure of oral care is brushing the teeth, including brushing the inside of the cheeks and tongue, as well as flossing. However, this care should also be complemented by periodic reviews by doctors to make sure all is well.

Among the conditions that can affect oral health is “white tongue,” which can lead to bad breath and generate feelings of insecurity or embarrassment. It must be said that this discomfort arises not only due to poor hygiene, but can also be caused by other problems in the body.

What does the tongue reveal about health?
What does the tongue reveal about health? – picture: Getty Images

Hence the importance of medical examinations, as well as examining the mouth and identifying signs of anxiety. according to explain mayo clinic, A white tongue can appear “as a result of overgrowth and inflammation of the papillae on the surface of the tongue.”

There are several reasons that can lead to this reaction of the papillae. As detailed from medical news today, One of the main causes of a white tongue is the buildup of bacteria, food scraps, and other debris that can get ‘stuck’ in the papillae. The way to prevent this from happening is with a good brushing, which is where the tongue is taken into account.

According to the American Dental Association, daily oral cleaning should be at least twice. Likewise, it is recommended to choose the correct toothbrush, depending on the size of the mouth.

When brushing, it is also advisable to make slow, short and soft movements, trying to clean the entire area of ​​\u200b\u200bthe tooth, from the sides and back. One of the final steps in brushing your teeth is brushing your tongue, as this helps, notes Al Entity, to remove food debris and maintain good oral health.

Bad breath
Bad breath is usually caused by poor oral hygiene. – picture: Getty Images/iStockphoto

Poor hygiene is not the only cause of a white tongue. According to the health portal your health, Some diseases can also progress to this condition, such as oral candidiasis, which occurs as a result of a fungal infection.

Among the risk factors that can lead to the formation of white bacterial plaques on the tongue, we mention the excessive intake of alcohol, cigarettes and other tobacco use, dehydration and lack of hydration, as well as the tendency to breathe through the mouth.

Tips for good oral health

1. Brush your teeth: Although it usually may clear, it is not, because frequent washing is necessary – if possible after each meal – to remove any particles that threaten the integrity of the teeth. however, It is not enough just to apply the cream to the brush and continue to wash, but it is necessary to do it right.

2. Brush your teeth frequently: As already mentioned, it is necessary to brush your teeth regularly, even when you wake up, because when there is no saliva secretion, bacteria spread and bacteria appear.

3. Wash the tongue: Brushing the tongue, which is often overlooked, is important because bacteria also stick to it and cause bad breath.

Toothpaste helps prevent tooth decay.
Close-up of a young man brushing his teeth, Regular brushing helps prevent tooth decay and gum disease. (Photo by Universal Images Group via Getty Images) – picture: Universal Image Collection via Getty

4. Use a fluoride toothpaste: The choice of toothpaste cannot be underestimated, because it is with it that bacterial plaque is eliminated. You should not use any kind of cream except the one that contains fluoride, because it has the ability to prevent the appearance of cavities.

5. Flossing: Although it is not commonly used, this item is part of good dental hygiene because it removes all the particles left between the teeth, a task that a brush cannot accomplish.

6. Mouthwash: To finish off a hygiene routine, using a rinse is essential because not only does it give a refreshing feel, but like brushing and dental floss, it allows for a deeper clean in areas that even other items can’t achieve.


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