Three sports you must play to be fashionable in 2023


It’s almost a month in 2023. At this time, some of the purposes Raised for this year has begun become complicated and even gives himself up. Gyms usually receive every January within the limits of a 30% of exceptional registrations But as the months go by, some of those highs don’t last.

So that this does not happen, and physical exercises become an existing component day to day There are different strategies that can be implemented. One of them, and the most effective, is training accompanied. According to a recent study published by the sports app Strava, athletes who trained with a partner in 2022 did so longer and went further. Usually the company creates duty or commitment And “forces” at first not to let the partner down. Another strategy is to try a new sport, and in this case, 2023 is full of trends. fitness It’s made for all kinds of audiences. If we had to pick three majors that are very likely to be on everyone’s lips this year we’re just getting started, Tennis racket, CrossFit and BoxingFit They all have votes for success.

“Surprise” from tennis to tennis

In 2015, 45.9% of people who exercised had it Speculators from Tennis at home, compared to 31.2% with tennis racquets; In 2022 they are already 32.8% tennis and 33.5% racket tennis. This data that emerges from a study he presented Supreme Sports Council In which the sports habits of the Spanish population were analyzed in 2022, is a small sample of the boom that this sport has experienced in recent years.

After the pandemic, when only outdoor sports were allowed, it became paddle tennis Good way to exercise s in a relationship with others, where he gained a large following. So, the number Federation in Spain it has been doubled since 2013, It reached 96,972 at the end of 2021, compared to 43,312 in 2013, according to data from the Spanish Padel Federation (Rfep).

his character social (Yes or yes should be practiced with more people) and spread tracks s practitioners It made more and more people dare to hit the bulldozer. Today in Spain there are approx Six million practitioners of paddle tennis, according to data from the International Padel Federation (FIP) and the growing interest in competitions such as the World Padel Tour.

CrossFit: getting stronger with weights

Another major that will continue to grow in 2023 High intensity fitness programme. Although it is technically a file name Trademark Originally associated with the sports brand Reebok, is the common name by which this system is widely known. This training brings together Cardiovascular and functional exercises, weightlifting and gymnastics It has become one of the favorite games of millions of people around the world, and Spain is considered one of the Three markets As the number of affiliate centers grew more in 2022, especially in urban environmentsbehind Brazil and the United States.

Although it is a specialty it can be intense demandingCrossFit is a type of sport equiv For all audiences. It is not a saying. the lessonswhich is usually divided into a warm-up phase, a development phase of a skill or “skill” and a “wod” – English abbreviation for “Workout of the Day” -, based on practice movements s activities It can fully adapt to different conditions, levels and intensities. Each one is his “boss” in this type of training and can demand more or less depending on their abilities.

Although a lot has been said on social networks, Harmful That it could be, this is not a correct statement. And so it is with goodness Technique and one progress Gradual increase in weights and intensity, exercises Completely safe and useful For most athletes. In addition, it creates a little sensation routine Since every day the workouts are created from scratch and never repeated.

Hit to the beat of the music: “Fit Boxing”

The third bets for 2023 is Boxing Fit. This sports method was developed in the centers of the Fitness Series Brooklyn Fit Boxingis an ideal activity for downloading all Stress and energy boxing In small groups of 12-24 people without contact or risk of black eye. The formula is simple yet ingenious: “rounds” of hitting the bag to the beat of the music alternate with functional exercises.

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Rounds of combinations of 4 or 5 punches followed by rounds of sit-ups, squats or jumping jacks is the formula for these centers to help burn fat and tone the body. To carry out this discipline it is not necessary to have previous boxing or kickboxing experience because in addition to the screen, the classes are guided at all times by videos on the giant screens of each center so that everyone can learn the moves easily.

“Jap, jap, crossover, low kick, jab.” It looks like a puzzle but it can be a combination of strikes from any of these positions. This refrain, which resonates in your head throughout the round, is a “round” chain to which new strikes are added later until the last round in which all the strikes are combined. In this way, every athlete can progress individually In choreography, but at the same time in competition with the rest of the classmates, the bags in each class, which have a duration of 47 minutes, are connected to sensors that collect data from Accuracy, energy and strike force And at the end of the chapter, an arrangement appears on the screen. According to company data, in one session you can burn up to 1,000 kcal. In addition, athletes accumulate points with their activities and can choose which charity project will be donated to them at the end of the year.


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