This is how Gorilla Row, the trend in fitness to slim the waist and strengthen the core, is done


obsession with physical It is an everyday reality for many. Some just want to look good, some want to look like a tablet and still others seek to tone certain body parts. In this sense, there are many who seek (or pretend) a Thinner waist.

For the other parts, there are also different movements or specific exercises for Strengthening the core And find one Wasp waist. Among them, there are those who have become direction And it has gained a lot of fans among fitness buffs.

Around Gorilla rowIt is a movement that aims to exercise muscles Central region of the bodyThe back and arms. And it does it all at once, with a Same movement, simple. Specifically, this exercise also helps us activate the core to define stomach muscles and the Back.

In addition, with the gorilla row, we perform a movement that helps us Waist narrowing, if we do it right and often enough. It will not really narrow the waist, but it will look visually smaller, thanks to the development of the muscles of the back and other muscles.

That’s very basicwhich we can simply do at home if we have some russian bears (kettlebell) Or some simple things deaf bells, or some similar tool that allows us to perform the movement correctly. In fact, it is still a movement similar to the traditional one Rowing.

We must emphasize that it must be done correctly Avoid injury, and maintain the position indicated by the professionals. Now you will understand the reason for the name associated with the movement performance pose.

Gorilla row technology

To perform this exercise, we’ll stand with feet shoulder-width apart, vertically just behind the hip, and weights aligned just in front of the feet. We bend the knees, bring them up, and lean the torso forward to grab the weights and let the hips back. Right, something Like a gorilla.

While holding dumbbells or a kettlebell, we extend our chest and contract the abdomen, then Pick up one of the weightsLift them back using the elbow, and then return to the starting position. Exercise done Alternate between one arm and the otherwith which a person who does not directly engage in sports acts as a support.

Must insist that the movement must take place in smooth But specify. the Back It should be straight, and we should not raise or move the hip.

If we do it right, we’ll get noticed torsion On the back as well as on the arms. But also in other areas, such as the buttocks and legs, which we will also work on.

Now we can add this easy movement to patterngradually. A good option might be to do four sets of 10-12 repetitions with each hand, as recommended by Nieves Bolós (@niieves_fit) on Instagram.


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