The video in which CBUM is stronger than Arnold’s best


Chris Bumstead

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        Chris Bumstead, 4-time Mr. Olympia Classic winner, vs. Arnold Schwarzenegger, 7-time Mr. Olympia all-time champion and bodybuilding legend. Who is stronger? The best version of CBUM or the best Arnie on stage in the 70s? This video we found on Facebook compares them so you can compare their muscles, size, proportions and symmetry.

        Based on the fact that Arnold will always be a legend in bodybuilding and the great inspiration to bodybuilders of all time, the truth is that experts doubt he can currently beat monsters like the ones we see every year at Mr. Olympia or Chris Bumstead himself. The muscular quality he always had, but…can she rival the size of a better Ronnie Coleman or the muscle quality of CBUM himself? what do you think? (Coleman, a bodybuilder who is now in a wheelchair.)

        CBUM and Arnold, Definition vs. Volume

        In the CBUM video, he clearly stood out for his definition and incredible proportions, but Arnold Schwarzenegger was a bit bigger and, of course, a lot better than him. So in a hypothetical duel between the two, the judges’ decision will certainly be divided … (Arnold Schwarzenegger: advice, training and repetition).

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