The famous fitness guru’s secret routine for losing fat and gaining muscle


Exercising and losing weight is undoubtedly the stellar solution for every new year. The gyms are crowded and many are starting to work to find the workout they need to get healthy and, above all, get slim this June. Common sense tells us that In order to lose weight we have to follow a strict diet, run hundreds of kilometers or train on endless machines in the gym.. however, Ruth Telles, the Brazilian fitness guru, has a very different and unique way of staying in shape. And definitely more fun.

The influencer revealed what were by far her best kept secrets: The key to your fitness is your “sexual diet”.

Having sex twice a day is like running for an hour on a treadmill.. I can lose more than 400 calories, for example, without making an effort to run. “It’s all worth it,” the 26-year-old told the newspaper. the sun. The formula is simple and doesn’t have a lot of twists. To lose weight, we must burn more calories than we consume through food and drink.


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