The best exercises for beginners that you can practice at home


theThe COVID-19 pandemic has changed many people’s lives. From routine work away from home, to spending long periods of time working in your room or office. Remote work prevents us from moving as before, Even exerciseeven if it is at home, it is more than necessary, plus it can be an escape route to put aside the new routine.

The benefits are multipleAmong them helps sleep, as you will feel more tired when you have to sleep, and during the day it will help you focus, put aside the tasks that you have to do and focus on exercising, and then return to work. Resting the mind is very important, and physical exercise is a great way to do that.

That’s why we’ve rounded up some of the best exercises a beginner can start doing at home, without the need for machines or big expenses. You only need the floor or the wall.

The best exercises to do at home

  • Floor press exercise: It is one of the easiest exercises, and it can be done on the floor or on a mat. You need to lie on your stomach and place your palms on the floor at shoulder height. The ideal method is to do three sets of 10 push-ups, but it is something that can vary depending on the physical condition of each one.
  • Wall push-up: they are the same as those on the ground, but without the need to lie down. Of course, they are less severe. Put your hands on the wall and separate yourself, the more difficult the exercise. It’s like the other one, you have to put your hands at shoulder height, then lower yourself toward the wall by pressing into your shoulders, lifting your legs and pressing into your stomach. Likewise, three sets of 10 push-ups are ideal.
  • Squatting with arms forward: At first you have to do the normal squat, the only thing that changes is that you have to do it with your arms outstretched, so we will intensify the exercise. When performing a squat, your knees should face the same direction as the balls of your feet. Three repetitions of 10 squats.
  • Step up: All you need is a chair or something similar, something you can climb on without tipping over. One foot should be supported and the other on the floor, but then the foot on the floor is lifted and placed on the chest as well. You should do 2 repetitions of 10 reps each with each leg.
  • Glute Bridge: You have to support the body on the floor or on a mat. Hands are lowered down, the pelvis is raised with a straight back, and then you need to go down without touching the floor. Three repetitions of 10 rises.
  • Simple and crossed abdominal muscles: For individuals, place your hands behind the neck and lift them up to perform a squat. Three repetitions of 10 exercises. For people who are cross-legged, you should lie on the floor, with one foot on the knees, the opposite arm under the head, and then try to touch the nose with the knee. Repeat 10 exercises for each leg.
  • bicycle crunchesThe feet are placed at 90 degrees and both hands are under the head. Try to touch your left knee with your nose while the right leg is extended, do the same, but in the opposite direction. 2 repetitions of 10 exercises.
  • a pair of scissors: In this you have to lie down completely and raise your legs, then step over them to simulate the scissor movement. Three repetitions of 20 exercises.


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