Sylvester Stallone’s secret is to be fitter and fitter at 76 years old


After establishing himself as the benchmark for exercise in Hollywood, today at Mui Fitness we tell you about Rocky Balboa and Rambo’s unforgettable routine to stay muscular, defined and super strong at 76 years old.

Hollywood actor Sylvester StalloneBorn in New York on July 6, 1946, he is known worldwide for his performances in epics rocky As for Rambo. also He has an enviable physique at the age of 76, and shows it off in the networks without any hesitation.

As narrated in an Instagram post, the veteran actor maintains a strict morning routine to face the day with more energy. This not only helps him physically but also mentally and emotionally, as he himself has expressed in many interviews.

Quoted from the site Men’s HealthAfter doing several stretches and drinking a protein shake, Sylvester Stallone He begins his exercise routine followed by a brisk walk led by his loyal friend Dwighta male Rottweiler of incredible size that accompanies him everywhere.

Sylvester Who at 76 years old is still active in the film industry, he never stops training for a day to keep his lead roles in the action scenes that characterize him so much.

As for his diet, the actor states that the key is always staying well hydrated and finding a sustainable diet that can be maintained over time, so the lifestyle doesn’t feel like a burden.

The impressive physique of Sylvester Stallone at the age of 76 years. picture:


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