Stephanie Gonzalez’s impressive waist training


With her exercise routines, Stephanie Gonzalez motivates others to exercise and look good.

It’s no secret that Stephanie Gonzalez She loves to work out, but she also loves to motivate others with her videos of for Life is fitter. For this reason, the Venezuelan model has no problem sharing her workout routine, and this time she brings one that, in addition to helping slim down the tummy, will also help you achieve that waist you want so much.

the Stephanie Gonzalez’s waist-cinching routine It involves a lot of weight, and while this may be powerful, it is absolutely necessary, especially if we want to achieve the goal that we did not set: a waist to admire.

It’s important to highlight that, though, in the video you posted Venezuelan fitness model The previous warm-up is not appreciated, she always recommends a warm-up and for this the best thing is to do stretching and a little cardiovascular exercise, for example, pedaling for about 10 minutes on the stationary bike.

Once the warm-up is over, it’s time to fine-tune your waist and customize your posture, because yes, the exercises you do Stephanie Gonzalez It also helps in shaping the body. Do you think he is? Look at her character in this Video Where you work, among other parts of your body middle.

to achieve that Wasp waist As we can all see, Stephanie does one of the exercises that burns the most fat and helps lose weight: the mountain climber, but she also adds incline presses with weights, advanced crunches, and waist twists with weights, among others. The result is a Shocking waist This never ceases to attract the attention of followers Stephanie Gonzalez.

Stephanie Gonzalez has declared herself a fan of high-waisted shorts, because they narrow the waist. photo: Instagram/@stephanygonzalezs


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