Sascha’s two best fitness routines for slim and feminine calves


A few days ago Sascha Fitness posted a photo in a miniskirt on her Instagram account and the praise was instant.

picture Sasha FitnessIn a short skirt, she stole all the looks of her Instagram followers. Everyone was speechless with the photo of the businesswoman and fitness influencer, because, as expected, she has one of the most beautiful legs on Instagram. How did you achieve those amazing calves? Fitness expert? We tell you below.

the Sasha’s fitness routine for slim and feminine calves like picture Instagram is designed so that anyone who wants can do it. on the web portal, explain that it is quite an effective training. This is it Calves effect Guaranteed.

To be a goddess in a short skirt, Sasha Fitness He recommends doing 4 sets of 10 reps with the weight of a single-leg lunge and immediately repeating this exercise, but this time without the weight. That is, first with weight, and then without weight. Once the first routine is over, it’s time for the sissy squat. In this case, 4 series and 12 repetitions of the exercise correspond.

Although both procedures are intense and contribute to calves All that toning we want, Sascha leaves two more exercises as a supplement: cable squats and cable pullups. For both of these you should do 4 series and 12 repetitions.

Once the routine is over, you will be ready to wear the amazing mini skirt that you have in the closet, because you will make sure that your legs, especially your calves, will cause that effect you want so much because they look beautiful, thanks Sasha’s fitness routine for slim and feminine calves.


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