Móvil Fitness and Lester Cargo Bikes created Argentina’s first exercise bike


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On other occasions we talked about cargo bikes and its usefulness To occupy them at work or in household choresBecause they support a lot of weight and move large items in a space bicycle This quickly and safely, since then Traffic in major cities is avoided.

On this occasion we will talk about something that happened recently in South american continent. It turns out that in Argentina One has been created sports bike. Its creator is an Argentinean by name Esteban Brusaexit from physical educationHe invited whom to carry out his project mobile fitness Forces joined with Leicester cargo bikeswhich was established in 2018, and its main mission is to advertise this type of Bicycles for transporting goods and merchandise in general.

How did the idea for the Móvil Fitness exercise bike come about?

on a trip to the United States, Esteban Brusa I realized that in Gardens From Los Angeles, California Trolleys who came up with exercise equipment. For the same reason, he thought of taking it to his country one day, to file it Action to earn a living.

By 2019, years after his trip to the US, he met an engineer to start this project well, which started with some Truck trailers.

Mobile fitness partnership with Lester Cargo Bikes

Esteban Brusa claims to him sports bikealong with Leicester cargo bikesIt is the first in the world. The idea, as the owner mobile fitness to me cargo bike companyIt was by drawing them.

So, with the help of the engineer he met and the team at Leicester cargo bikesthey created the whole concept to be on a grill cargo bike can be moved deaf bellsAnd bars and others exercise equipment.

In fact, they already have one. sports bike electricity. with the Electric cargo bike You can only create tracks with a maximum of six kilometers of distance. Also, one more thing to highlight is that they actually sent some to Europeso it wouldn’t be unusual for us to soon see one like this in the Gardens Mexico.


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