More and More Fitness: The Incredible Transformation of Ex William Levy in the Past 10 Years


Elizabeth Gutierrez wasn’t always so confident.

Nobody can deny that Elizabeth Gutierrez She is a beautiful woman, but she doesn’t always see herself that way. When she was younger, the actress and model had a somewhat warped concept of herself. In fact, he mentioned in some interviews that his fears were many.

to me Ex William Levy It was not easy to project the picture we see today. To achieve that security that is reflected, according to an article on the portal mx.hola.comshe had to go through a transformation that resulted in letting go of all her fitness insecurities.

Doubts arose in adolescence and it was all because of her extreme thinness. However, the Mexican-American said that in order to leave these fears behind, she had to look for a role model who would help her realize that she has a unique beauty. an example Elizabeth Gutierrez The supermodel of the ’90s was Cindy Crawford. Thanks to her, I realized that there is nothing wrong with being tall and skinny.

Currently the 43-year-old actress who was married William Levi For 19 years, she considered her transformation to be more internal than external, because over time she came to realize that she was more than just the body and that it was the spiritual part that really mattered.

So even though it was named by the magazine the peoplein Spanish as one of the “50 Most Beautiful”, Elizabeth Gutierrez He prefers to think that the best in himself is his inner beauty, but he considers that preserving his own beauty does no harm physical form Going to the gym and moving her body to the beat of Anita’s reggaeton, as seen on this one Video Posted on his Instagram @gutierrezelizabeth.

Elizabeth Gutierrez shares her gym routine on her social networks. Photo:


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