More and more fit: the amazing transformation that ex-Luis Fonsi has seen in the past 10 years


Adamari Lopez is happy that she finally achieved the physical transformation she wanted so much.

Adamary Lopez For a long time, she was criticized for her excessive weight, especially after the illness that prompted her to undergo surgery to eliminate breast cancer from her body and prevent its reappearance.

After this operation, the actress began to see changes in her appearance, and she did not wait for malicious comments or pressure Ex Luis Fonsi He began to feel that he desperately needed to regain the slenderness he had enjoyed before. However, you didn’t always get good results. Sometimes he’s at the weight he wants, but he’s going down fast, and he’s been that way for the past ten years.

But at the age of fifty and after a long struggle with his size, Adamary Lopez She began a process that helped her transform her body and achieve the results she craved. See the portal That in 2021, Puerto Rico started a challenge where she made it clear that she would be the priority from that point on: “New resolutions I know are hard to follow, but in 2021 I want to continue with this goal of achieving everything I want.”And The TV host also commented.

After the announcement came the changes and soon we all saw that healthy habits He integrates into his life which included a balanced and strenuous diet Routine exerciseThey turned her into a woman Amazing personality What we see today.

right Now Adamari Lopez transformation She sets an example for all those women who have suffered from a disease like hers and thanks to the actress she knows that it is possible to return to the body of which he dreams so much.

Adamari López underwent a strict diet and exercise regimen. photo: Instagram/@hoydia


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