More and more fit: the amazing body of Luis Miguel’s almost 50-year-old ex-lover


Actress Aracely Arámbula broke up with Luis Miguel without revealing the exact reasons, until recently a former manager of the singer revealed the alleged reasons. The truth is that for her it meant a rebirth, where she looks the best version of herself both physically and professionally.

Araceli Arambola, the Mexican actress and singer, has two children with fellow musician Luis Miguel. Although they seemed like the perfect couple, it all came to an unexpected end for their millions of fans, who were left intrigued to find out the reasons that led to the outcome of the relationship.

According to Infobae, the former manager of “El Sol de México” Polo Martínez recently revealed the alleged reasons that led to the couple’s separation. “What happens is that she said that she would dedicate herself to her home and be with (Luis Miguel), ”said the actress of the Argentine show that I love in the afternoon.

Currently, despite being 47 years old, the actress looks like she is 20 years old and she doesn’t seem to have any damage done to her body over the years, let alone her personal issues.

It is known that his outstanding physique depends on good nutrition and exercise. In terms of what he eats, eating a lot of vegetables and grilled food and drinking two liters of water a day is common in his diet. According to Life and Style magazine, she also consumes seeds and nuts, which are staples of her diet, as well as low-sugar fruits, leafy greens, and fish.

In terms of the workout routine she’s adopted that keeps her looking fitter than ever, according to Tiempox, her best-kept secret is known to be soccer. These are large exercise balls, which I admit are essential for abdominal training and for efficient coordination.

Likewise, he noted, he prioritizes: push-ups, crunches, and crunches with weight. The actress also supports herself with a belly roller or TRX bands.

Araceli Arambola’s body doesn’t look like he’s 47 years old. Photo: AP

Aracely Arámbula, the former Luis Miguel, in one of his training sessions. Photo: Hello


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