Increasingly More Fit: Kathryn Fulop’s Amazing Routine at Age 57


The stunning Katie Fulop, who has an amazing body, shows us her at-home workout routine. The 57-year-old Venezuelan is considered a benchmark not only for healthy living but also for perseverance and perseverance in doing sports.

We all agree that Venezuelan Catherine FulopAnd 57 years old, she never stops turning up the heat in the nets with her amazing body, but what daily exercises does she do to maintain it?

Cathy This is amazing Married to an Argentinian Osvaldo Sabatini Since 1998, who declares his passion for coaching and image just like it. Like a super fit couple, they set up their own home gym to exercise every day without having to move a meter. Who has never thought of that, right?

In the videos posted on her networks, you can see a large number of elements that allow her to perform any exercise without problems, of course, accompanied by her coach at every step. Make sure to follow her on Instagram @fulopcatheryne!

Increasingly More Fit: Kathryn Fulop’s Amazing Routine at Age 57

From a 10-minute rope run, followed by TRK lunges, squats, dumbbell rows, and plenty of standing, lateral, and oblique crunches, Cathy shows her routine is meant for advanced performers.

But of course, not only with training he managed to achieve such an incredible figure: Catherine Fulop She usually uploads posts touting delicious detox smoothies that help her “cleanse herself from the inside.”

More and more fitness: Kathryn Fulop’s amazing routine at 57 years old. photo: Instagram


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