Increased physical fitness: the sudden change of Queen Letizia at the age of fifty


These are the habits that the Queen has followed over the years, with which she has achieved a strong and toned physique.

the Queen Letizia He is 50 years old today and it is not in doubt that he is older than that suitable Start. His arms are super toned Strong shoulders have become a fitness icon and something we all aspire to be. In 2014, when she became queen, it was completely different. It is true that she has always been of skin color Medium buildbut in recent years the queen has evolved muscle And I achieved perfectly defined arms, muscles and legs. We review what his fitness transformation has been like and why, at 50, he can boast that he’s stronger than ever.

Evolution of the arms of Queen Letizia

The most striking thing about the Queen, without a doubt, is her arms and shoulders, which she reveals on several occasions and earns her the center of attention in all her outfits. To get them, we know the Queen does exercise From strength, calisthenics is part of her regular routine and she also does yoga. All these years of persistence practice have brought such an important change.

Sarah Alvarez, co-founder and creator of the Reto48 methodology, tells us that achieving a queen’s physique “can only be achieved with a strict workout routine, alternating cardio and muscle work, and a diet that prevents inflammation.” And he leaves us 5 exercises, which are certainly not missing in the Queen’s routine, to include in our training:

  • Triceps extension
  • Lateral raises
  • push ups
  • Shoulder press
  • Biceps curl

His muscles, too, are in the spotlight

A few months ago, the queen dared to wear a short dress in an area abdomen That gave a lot to talk about. You can catch a glimpse of her perfectly sculpted stomach that caught everyone’s attention. The Queen’s signature curves aren’t something we normally see, as Sara Alvarez explains, “To get into the Queen’s belly, the direct path is the depressor abdominal muscles. She knows exactly what Pilates breathing technique is – her discipline – and it’s very likely that these are just exercises she does.” “.

Queen Letizia in a short dress

Diet of Queen Letizia

To achieve a fitness change of this magnitude, in addition to a training routine like the one below, you need to have a goal-focused diet. We know that to achieve a complexion and physique like hers, an anti-inflammatory diet is essential.

“One of the characteristics of a Queen’s face is the firmness of her skin. And though she may undergo more invasive treatments, the DMAE typical of this diet (found in salmon, sardines, etc.), will certainly serve as a support for that smooth and blemish-free complexion.” wrinkles”explains Felipe Martin, pharmacist at Galileo 61, in Madrid. He also adds:It is a diet that provides a lot of shine to the skin because it is very rich in ingredients such as chlorophyll.

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