He is a physical education teacher and counselor but also a “fitness influencer”.


There is an overwhelming amount of evidence of the benefits of regular physical exercise for physical and mental health: it has been shown to help prevent chronic non-communicable diseases, reduce symptoms of anxiety and depression, and strengthen the immune system. In short: it helps to live longer and better.

Javier Lunari knows this very well, since from his profession as a physical education teacher he decided to encourage the neighbors to do some activities. Lunari is also a counselor in Río Tercero and from there he decides to help the residents have a better quality of life. How do? Since October last year, he has been posting videos on his social networks showing how to do physical activity. It gives recommendations and also shows people the different possibilities of moving.

“My goal is to encourage people to do physical activity, to show them what kind of activity it is and how to do it. Most people who start a physical activity plan primarily aim to reduce fat mass. So they are geared towards that,” says Lunari.

Aware that perceptions of how and what physical activity should be done change over time, he joins the professionals who suggest that exercises should be done to reduce fat mass and “not run or walk too much,” he explains.

With a frequency of up to two buses per week broadcast on their networks, Lunari also offers alternatives such as Pilates, yoga or outdoor activities. “The idea is to publish what it is all about and for whom it is targeted, and from there it chooses people,” he points out.

His son collaborates on the mission to spread, and he’s the one who shoots and edits microphones that people can see later. “We’re learning, speaking on camera is not easy, filming doing physical activity is not easy, it’s a learning experience for us too,” he admits of the experience.

His house, the square in front of his house in the Media Luna neighborhood, Paseo del Real or the local spa are the places where he films Buses.

“The videos, which recommend sessions of 25-35 minutes, are aimed primarily at adults, but I also made some recommendations for getting started with kids. Most of the classes I’ve posted are for untrained or untrained adults, those who want to get started. plan a physical activity and don’t have the means to attend a gym, for example, he points out.


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