Fitness: Training to take care of body, mind and spirit as well


The biggest trend of 2023 is to establish a healthy lifestyle, with the personality of a personal trainer mainly in the fitness part, according to official studies. And it is not surprising if we take into account Multiple benefits, which can be seen and felt. “It generates dopamine in your body to make you feel happier, reduces stress, plus cardiovascular training that improves heart health, helps you improve your body strength and endurance, maintains your proper weight, boosts your self-esteem and allows you to rest better,” he says. Antonio Arriza, Personal Trainer and Owner of the Antonio Ariza Lagos Fitness Training Center, located in Calle Alicante, Roquetas de Mar and To which dozens of users come every day Find noticeable results inside and out.


For this reason, Ariza stresses that it is her passion to work with people who want to improve their health and well-being. “I’m doing a search The objectives of each client to be able to plan different activities for measurementThis will lead us to achieve the desired goal. Always taking into account the overall health, lifestyle, nutrition and personal needs of each customer.”

Antonio Ariza Lagos Fitness It is a training center” where we give lessons Zumba, Pilates, personal training and small groups functional training. My clients and their well-being are my top priorities,” Ariza adds.

It should be noted that this young man from Malaga, from Almeria by adoption and with more than a decade of professional experience to his credit is a Zumba Fitness instructor, so popular lately, that he “always gave me Great satisfaction on a professional and personal leveland connect with dynamic, positive, amazing people from all over the world.”

sure, Training he performs with passion and strives to achieve goals It is recognized by the users of the center, where personal warmth, fun and professionalism go hand in hand so that the results of your training are more than impressive. And this is the tendency to take care of yourself, inside and out; Practice taking care of the body but also the mind and even the soul and do it with real professionals.


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