Fitness challenge proposed by Mar Flores to tighten your legs in 21 days, dare to do it!


Fitness challenges are an excellent way to keep some motivation around exercise, and also help us create a habit that we can implement later in the long run. With this idea in mind, Mar Flores decided a few weeks ago to launch a challenge: 21 days to do the same workout. The model has been training for some time under the orders of her trainer, Juanjo Rodriguez — with whom celebrities like Paola Echevarria or Alvaro Morte have also trained — and often shares part of her routine on Instagram.

The first challenge that Mar Flores launched to encourage her followers to exercise was to do squats to strengthen the buttocks. Goal? Do 100 squats with small reps daily. It was so successful that he later repeated with planks, and now he’s just launched another one: 21 days of doing explosive moves to strengthen and tone the legs. you sign up?

Mar Flores launches a challenge: 21 days to tone and strengthen the legs. Photo womenshealthmag

“I have soreness already and I’m used to it,” admitted the model, who was already on the third day of the challenge, which consists of doing 16 repetitions of this exercise. “For people who aren’t used to it, the challenge is to do the same workout for 21 days to create a habit in the muscles. You don’t have to do it with the same intensity, you can do it without jumping.”

After 21 days, Mar explains, the muscles get used to the routine: “From then on, you just need to maintain that muscle area two or three times a week.”

21 day challenge with Mar Flores to strengthen the legs

1) Warm up

The first step before starting this or any training is to warm up. An essential step, in this case, where we will focus on training the legs, will consist of “preparing the muscles of the legs and hips,” as Mar points out in this video with her coach’s advice.

It consists of four exercises to enhance hip mobility and one to stretch the upper body: it won’t take long, only five or six exercises per movement, but don’t forget to do it!

2) Challenge: Explosive moves

Now yes, the challenge begins! We will perform explosive steps accompanied by a jump. Although if you don’t think you can complete it this way, trainer Mar Flores gives us an alternative to making it a low-impact workout or to do it more gradually: “An option for beginners: You can do a couple of levels before hitting big explosive steps,” explains Gwangju. “First, take big steps without jumping. Second, take big steps with a small jump on the spot and then switch to the other leg. And finally, the steps that Mar does.”

  • Take a normal stepping position, leaving a 90-degree angle between one leg and the other.
  • Jump to switch legs, come down to the starting position and use your arms. There are eight jumps with each leg, 16 repetitions in total for 21 days.


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