Dwayne Johnson shares how he gets his big legs


    Dwayne Johnson He is at it again. He’s not content with training “stronger than ever” for the superhero role Black Adam On the big screen, he’s back again Iron Paradise facilities for another night session. This time, it was a session Gain great size for your legs.

    In a post on his Instagram account, the actor, producer, and entrepreneur is seen training a “giant chain” of legs. completion Four rounds of back and forth leg exercises. And as if that weren’t enough, he ended each of his series with a 15 to 20 repetitions of belt squatsnumber.

    “Night Routine. Legs,” Johnson wrote in her post. “4 giant sets of 15-20 reps (or until failure) of the squat. Giant sets = 4 rounds of 4 exercises back and forth with no rest between exercises. A rest period between sessions of no more than 90 seconds. Hold yourself up with a countdown of 3-5 and always control your chest“, prescription.

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    “The burning is unbelievable.”She added, also revealing that her legs were “completely on fire”.

    We applaud Johnson’s decision to end his sets with a squat. Belt squats are a great alternative to back squats if you want a ‘quad dominant’ exercise and remove the load from your upper back. It also allows for a movement pattern similar to that of a back squat, Promotes a good range of motion and can be a good weight-bearer.

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