BMW unveils the all-new M3 CS


Elaf: BMW has unveiled the new M3 CS, which is a distinctive addition to its models in the luxury, high performance and mid-size segment.
The new car has a unique character and the ability to embody the company’s style for an unparalleled driving experience on the roads and on the circuits.

The M3 CS powertrain concept combines a 550 horsepower straight-six engine with an eight-speed M Steptronic transmission and the MXDrive intelligent all-wheel-drive system, delivering 0-100 km/h acceleration in just 3.4 seconds . The new BMW car is equipped with the MDriver equipment package and has an electronically limited top speed of 302 km/h. A limited number of the new model will be produced at the BMW Group plant in Munich, starting in March 2023, alongside the soft launch during the same month.

More power, less weight and superior performance
توفر سيارة إم 3 سي إس قوة أكبر مع وزن أقل لضمان أداء متفوق، حيث تستمد قوتها من إصدار تم تحديثه خصيصاً لمحرك يوفر سرعة دوران عالية بست أسطوانات مرتبة في خط مستقيم مع تقنية توين باور توربو، التي تم تطويرها خصيصاً لطرازات إم 3 وإم 4 من BMW.

The engine also incorporates a range of technologies inspired by the racing unit, and the crankshaft features a pocketless, closed and extremely rigid structure, making it suitable for extremely high combustion pressures. The cylinder head core is 3D printed, allowing the cooling channels to be perfectly oriented for temperature management, which cannot be achieved with traditional metal casting methods. The oil supply and cooling system are designed to meet the specific challenges of the racetrack.

550 hp straight-six
The new car’s significant upgrade potential adds 40 horsepower to the engine, compared to the M3 Competition sedan with MXDrive all-wheel drive, bringing total output to 550 horsepower. A special engine mount with higher suspension ratios is designed to provide an extremely rigid connection between the powertrain and the vehicle structure, allowing high and precise throttle response and direct transmission of power to the transmission. The engine reaches a maximum torque of 650 Nm (479 lb-ft) from 2,750 rpm and maintains it until 5,950 rpm.

The driving experience is complemented by the luxurious sound of the dual-chamber exhaust system, equipped with an electric control valve, a titanium rear muffler, a special design to reduce weight, as well as two pairs of pipes painted in matte black, in keeping with the styling of the M models. Sport or Sport+ mode can be selected in the engine settings from the mSetup menu to enjoy the roar of racing engines.

Lightweight construction with a high proportion of carbon fiber and increased stiffness
The lightweight design measures of the BMW M3 CS contribute to the car’s performance qualities and exclusivity. To achieve this, carbon fiber reinforced plastic components have been used inside and out, which are lightweight and high-tech carbon fiber. In addition to the center console, paddle shifters on the steering wheel and interior trim strips. Carbon fibers are also used in the manufacture of the car’s individual seats. The titanium rear muffler saves more than four kilograms on the weight of the exhaust system. Thanks to the different proportions of the lightweight design, the car achieves a total weight saving of around 20 kilograms, compared to the M3 Competition sedan with MXDrive.

An exclusive design that promises superior performance and an enthusiastic experience
The M3 CS incorporates a range of design features that give it an unmistakable presence.The metallic white exterior finish available exclusively for this particular model contrasts with the black exposed carbon fiber surfaces on the roof, bonnet, front splitter and side panels. vents. mirror caps, rear spoiler, lower rear tire, side skirts and gills. Other colors available include Signal Green, Brooklyn Gray Metallic and Sapphire Black Metallic.


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