An Increasing Physique: Salma Hayek’s Incredible Body At 56


Salma Hayek jumps to keep fit.

Salma Hayek She is already 56 years old, but neither her body nor her face seem familiar with the age of the famous actress. Well, the woman looks so good that she recently hit the red carpet at the Florida premiere of Magic Mike’s Last Dance in a revealing dress. A delicate personality.

The net embroidered with floral details that covered the body of the 56-year-old actress revealed the black underwear she was wearing, but above all showed the toned body of the Mexican star. After seeing the file Video After her arrival at the event, which she herself posted on her Instagram account @salmahayek, the astonishment was not long in coming. Everyone wonders what to do Salma Hayek To look so amazing?

According to the portal, The popular actress is not one of those who train hard, let alone every day, because she spends a lot of time working. However, he has found a way to keep his body and body moving strong muscles With a trampoline jump. It is a practice as we have seen in this VideoHe entertains her while keeping her fit.

As for food, the actress admitted that she is not a fan of diets. In fact, he’d rather not have them, so he chooses one balanced diet And from time to time she lends herself her own taste.

After knowing what not to do Salma Hayek To stay like a queen at the age of 56, we can’t help but think that this woman is from another planet, because even though she doesn’t diet or exercise, she still has the luxury of wearing a see-through dress that reveals her Sculpted body.

Salma Hayek always makes an impact on the red carpet with her stunning looks. Photo: Samir Hussein/WireImage


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