3 highly effective tips that Infanta Sofía follows to be as fit as her mother


Infanta Sofía has the best ally in her mom when it comes to eating healthy. This is why Queen Letizia shared her knowledge with him so that he would be as fit as she was.

Letizia, Queen of Spain, is one of the most obsessed monarchs with healthy eating. With his good habits and strict diet, he was able to overcome the damage that contracting COVID-19 left on his body.

It is for this reason that at no time does he hesitate to pass on his philosophy to his daughters, especially Infanta Sofia, who, at only 15 years old, understands the importance of a good diet, not just to remain as physically attractive as she is. Mother, but not suffering or suffering from diseases in the future.

As is known, according to what was reviewed by Telva magazine, Queen Letizia has adopted the Perricone diet as her favourite, in which priority is given to eating mainly vegetable and animal proteins, as well as anti-aging foods with anti-inflammatory properties.

This is why Letizia made three highly effective recommendations to Infanta Sophia when it comes to eating healthy. The first is that your menu, whether at home or at school, cannot be missing: fruits, vegetables and fresh vegetables.

The second is that you should make sure to eat legumes and nuts during the day, the latter being a great source of energy as well as protein. And third, always have skim milk.

Infanta Sofía follows her mother’s advice when it comes to eating. Photo: AP


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