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like all the years, American College of Sports Medicine Prepared (ACSM) list with Ranking of major trends in fitness for 2023 starting. between some pearls The fact that online training disappears from the menu is highlighted; Strength work gain strength for those seeking to increase muscle mass and reduce body fat; And the seniors are presented as one of the main protagonists in a training aimed not only at obtaining a physical result, but also Achieving healthy habits that contribute to maintaining a good quality of life.

At the top of the list, as in the previous year, is the File Wearable technology. Since 2016 it has been in first place – only in 2018 and 2021 did it fall back a step or two -. In keeping with the current era, technology accompanies every step of life, and this includes every action related to physical exercise. Smartwatches are no longer just reporting the steps you’ve taken throughout the day or reminding you that it’s time to get moving after a sedentary day. It comes to Equipment that makes it possible to monitor and measure minute by minute what happens to the body during training and, in this way, to track the progress made. Thus, it is possible to know the number of steps taken, heart rate, calories consumed, sitting time and sleeping time. The ACSM report adds: “Innovations include blood pressure, oxygen saturation, body temperature, respiratory rate, and ECG.”

But does it really add anything to training? “In some activities it is effective – for example, when one’s pedals provide information on different aspects of the track – and in others it gives partial, by age and weight, but does not take into account the history of the sport, which is important for when to get more data.” Accuracy “, says physical trainer Pablo Benadeba. The professional claims it Seeing what is being done on screen is very important from a motivational point of view, Besides it teaches you to strive for goals and is especially positive for the recreational athlete.

Mobile technology increases its proposal year by year. “Smart rings are easy to use because they handle all metrics and have batteries that last for more than three days. Smart shirts determine your heart rate through sensors that measure it constantly, and if there is a possibility of a heart attack, they prevent it.” Yoga shirts warn if the situation is good Or bad. There are clips for athletes, attached to the watch or to the phone, that show the exact pace and set the pace, if you have to go faster or slower, ”Benadiba details.

Seeing what is being done on screen is very important from a motivational point of view
Seeing what is being done on screen is very important from a motivational point of viewShutterstock – Shutterstock

the Free weight strength training It ranks second among people’s current preferences. Weights, barbells, barbells, medicine balls, kettlebells and any item added to a class to develop muscle mass and gain strength are trends. “Strength training today, fortunately, is starting to demystify it. Women, above all else, are starting to train more and starting to have more toned bodies. It changed a bit the vision of what it means to have muscle mass or to be skinny as noodles. Strength training is the foundation for aging well. I had the opportunity to train Clint Eastwood and he was lecturing on strength training. At 92, he skis. This is because he has trained strength all his life, ”confirms Pablo Benadeba.

They are core exercises that work the large muscle groups that support them, such as the core, legs, lower body, upper body, and chest. “They finish a series of eights and below with good technique and weight. They keep the body strong for whatever activity is done. It’s carrying the extra weight that stimulates the white fibers more,” adds the trainer.

Free weight strength exercises work large supporting muscle groups such as the core, legs, lower body, upper body and chest
Free weight strength exercises work large supporting muscle groups such as the core, legs, lower body, upper body and chestOvapez

training with body weight In third place. Squats, lunges, and planks are the order of the day, but they require precise technique to achieve proper posture and movement. Otherwise, there is a risk of infection. “Before, a person had to go to the gym to do strength training and get a base,” says Ben-Adiba. “Body weight training uses minimal equipment and space, making it an economical and practical way to exercise,” explains the Advocacy, Communication and Social Mobilization report.

Bodyweight training requires precise technique to achieve proper posture and movement
Bodyweight training requires precise technique to achieve proper posture and movementShutterstock – Shutterstock

Within the top five, more precisely in fourth place, is the Fitness for the elderly It is a reflection of the importance that physical activity has acquired for health and general well-being. In addition to the desire to look good, the role of exercise is fixed in the best quality of life that older people can achieve. People today are living longer and staying active at work longer and maintaining good physical condition is valued. “The goal for older people is to condition them through very basic strength exercises. Once this is achieved, the main goal is to get back to the movements one has lost over the years: bending, standing, turning, and balance. Functional training is used extensively. Everything is done gradually, ”explains Benadeba.

According to the ACSM, it is important to change the environment of gyms “including the lights and the type of music, so that they are more friendly with the older generations during the traditionally slow times of the day; it’s the kind of trend that seems to be gaining ground in commercial clubs.”


Fifth , Functional training He jumped up from the 14th place he held last year. It improves balance, coordination, functional strength and endurance, which influences daily activities. Their movements reproduce everyday gestures, ensuring healthy mobility in subsequent years. “It is one of the methods used for the elderly, in a different way because the effects are not so frequent. There is a balancing act, throwing and turning so that the body begins to adapt itself and can return to the records of youth,” describes Pablo Benadeba. It is also a widely used system by the general population.

Functional training is about movements that reproduce everyday gestures, ensuring healthy mobility in later years.
Functional training is about movements that reproduce everyday gestures, ensuring healthy mobility in later years.stock struggle

the Outdoor activities remain among the top trends, ranking sixth. Since the pandemic, they seem to have seduced a large number of people. Activities can be short events or multi-day planned trips combined with environmental challenges, such as Stand-up paddle boards, kayaking, mountain biking and country walks.” According to ACSM. “Today it is very fashionable to do all the work outdoors. People don’t want to lock themselves up in gyms so much. Some prefer to go jogging or engage in cycling, ”notes Benadiba.

Outdoor activities remain among the top trends, ranking sixth
Outdoor activities remain among the top trends, ranking sixthfreepik

As in 2022, in 2023 High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT). “These exercise programs typically include repeated bouts of high-intensity exercise—80% of your maximum heart rate—along with rest periods,” says the American College of Sports Medicine. It is the method of choice for those who aim to achieve a high calorie expenditure in less time. “It’s made for people who want to burn fat and avoid spending hours and hours running. So it’s very trendy because it means there are fewer hours of strenuous work and it allows you to get to the goal faster,” says Benadiba.

HIIT suggests high intensity training for those who want to get their calorie expenditure in less time
HIIT suggests high intensity training for those who want to get their calorie expenditure in less timeAntoniodiaz – Shutterstock

they follow, In eighth place are weight loss programs Which, in the same line as the previous one, aims to reduce the percentage of fat in the body. In this case, physical activity is associated with proper nutrition And fit for purpose, always keeping in mind the principle that ‘abs are made in the kitchen’.

in ninth place, Employing certified professionals is gaining prominence After the boom in social media influencers are sharing tips and even teaching how to do physical exercises. The ACSM notes the importance of professionals “who have fully completed accredited educational programs and health certifications.”

Finally, in Tenth place, personal training It highlights the need to follow programs and procedures that are compatible with each individual.

Healthy Nutrition won eighth place
Healthy Nutrition won eighth placeShutterstock – Shutterstock

Globally, the 2023 fitness trends are being observed in Argentina. Regarding online training which was all the rage in previous years and which this year has disappeared from the list, in our country It has not been completely abandoned. Optimized for people who pay for customized training. I have students with high purchasing power who travel a lot and we saw a way to use online training so they don’t miss lessons. “He was left in order not to miss lessons during excursions,” says Pablo Benadeba. The coach understands that people today prefer to get out and socialize in outdoor classes or in gyms.

In a similar vein, notes Guillermo Sardi, physical education teacher and graduate in high performance, prof Strong preference in face-to-face training. There, “the trend in Argentina is toward strength training with free weights for fat oxidation, avoiding long-term aerobic exercise,” he says. On the other hand, a high-performance graduate notes a strong inclination to practice yoga. “This is a relic of what’s left of virtual training in the pandemic, where it was much easier to do exercises that were heavily applied to stretching and joint mobility,” he separates. Sardi also sees a trend of this fact “People are becoming aware of the quality of life, which increases their life expectancy and allows them to live better.” He realizes that more and more people are choosing to “train with certified professionals who know what they’re doing, who get the techniques right and guarantee the result.”

January is the perfect time to take stock of where the fitness proposal will go for the rest of the year. In this way, A.J Conscious planning is the first step to programming an essential part of the habits that need to be maintained for another eleven months.

The full list, according to the American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM)

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