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One of the most difficult feelings during a divorce is the lack of children. Whether they are in the care of the mother or the father, there will be a part that no longer lives fully with their children, see them more at home. rate he has always used.

Here we try to answer a question that always pops up in these cases, which is what should I do when I miss my children after divorce? Above all, the familiar routine of children organizes the life and time of parents, there are regular times for eating, washing, studying, impromptu chatting with friends, studying and sleeping. The absence of these activities associated with the presence of children makes many parents feel lonely and lost.

Initially, experts advise parents to be involved in the life activities of their children even after divorce. Children whose parents are active have better social skills, better academic achievement, greater self-control and higher self-esteem.

So no matter how bad the situation is or how little time you spend with your children, maintain a positive relationship with your children and try to make the most of your time with them, express your love and miss, and let them express their feelings, whatever they are.

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Remember that you will always be the father of your children and nothing will change that fact even after the divorce (Shutterstock)

Accept and acknowledge your feelings

Divorce can involve feelings of loss, guilt, injustice or loneliness. Allowing your emotions to be released and accepted is part of the healing process, so don’t judge your feelings, be kind, and treat yourself like you would a friend going through difficult times. Opening up to someone you trust can help ease feelings of pain even if your situation hasn’t changed. Give yourself time to adjust to the things you can’t change, because it takes time to process emotions.

Reduce the distances between you

If you have little time with your children, it is better to be as available as possible. Try to live in a house close to your children’s house, because being close to them allows you to see them more often, such as taking them to the doctor, lessons or exercise.

And trying to be near your children is worth putting in the effort because it makes life easier for you after the separation, besides that it is best that you allocate a place for your children in your new home so that they feel welcome, intimate and safe in your home.

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Regardless of the feelings or circumstances that led to the divorce, speak to your children about their mother with respect (Shutterstock)

Respect your ex

Regardless of the feelings or circumstances that led to the divorce, talk to your children about your ex with respect and without putting him down or blaming him for the mistakes of the relationship in front of the children. The other side is still the father/mother of your children and they love the other side just as they need you. Try to manage this difficult time away from feelings of anger and the desire for revenge for the sake of your children’s mental health.

Set personal goals

Start planning your own goals that aren’t focused on anyone else, especially those long-term goals that make you think ahead to where you want to be in a few years. It may be a very slow process, but you will definitely focus more on yourself. Small changes make a big difference in the end, remember you will always be their father and nothing will change that fact.


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