More and more fitness: Arnold Schwarzenegger’s amazing body at 75 years old


75-year-old Arnold Schwarzenegger continues to appear in impressive physical shape, although his diet is different than when he starred in the Terminator saga.

Arnold Schwarzenegger is an Austrian-American actor, businessman, politician and former professional bodybuilder, best known for his role in the Terminator saga, in which he demonstrated his impressive muscles. It is a living example of how diet and exercise can be the cornerstones of an artistic career.

In addition, he served as the 38th Governor of California (USA) for two terms from 2003 to 2011. According to the data provided by the web portal specializing in the fortunes of celebrities from around the world, Celebrity Net Worth, his legacy is around $450 million.

Although he is 75 years old, Arnold Schwarzenegger He continues to show remarkable condition when compared even to the men of his contemporaries who lifted weights as young men. He still enjoys spending time in the gym, and he showed it to his millions of fans with a photo he posted in mid-2022 on his social networks.

He maintains good muscular strength and looks very powerful. Regarding the actor’s diet, it is known, as quoted by Uppers, that he eats a lot of vegetables and very little meat.

“Over the past five years, I have based 80% of my diet on plant products. Sometimes I still eat meat, because I can’t resist a juicy steak when I’m over with friends, or a crispy Viennese schnitzel when I’m in Austria” . Arnold Schwarzenegger Also through their social networks.

The message undoubtedly surprised his fans, who considered the actor to live on eggs and steak. But it’s worth noting that his current diet has nothing to do with what he did when he played The Terminator as a young man.

At that time, according to the aforementioned means of communication, his diet was based on milk and dairy products such as cottage cheese, cottage cheese or yogurt. He also ate large amounts of meat, poultry, and eggs for protein, which he paired with fresh fruits and vegetables. In addition, he consumed bread, cereals, and fats on a daily basis.

Arnold Schwarzenegger in one of his training sessions. photo: Instagram


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