Panasonic unveils its new global brand slogan: Make Today, Impact Tomorrow

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Panasonic Corporation has announced the launch of a new slogan for its brand titled “Create Today. Impact Tomorrow.”, reaffirming its commitment to providing innovative products and solutions that enrich people’s lives and improve their well-being. The new logo is also consistent with the company’s continued efforts and efforts to draw the features of a cleaner environmental planet in the future.

Hiroyuki Shibutani, Managing Director of Marketing, Panasonic Middle East and Africa, said: “We are delighted to launch the new logo to underline our continued commitment to innovation, quality, reliability and efficiency. Over the years, we have established a rich legacy of technological innovation, so we seek to remain committed to developing and providing customers with high-quality products and solutions that improve their daily lives and help them improve their health and Welfare. We have also accompanied customers in the development path of our brand and today we ask them to continue to trust us and depend on us to create more products that meet their needs and enrich their lifestyle”.

Shibutani added, “Panasonic’s new logo also reflects the brand’s mission and vision on the role of technology in improving the future. In line with our founder’s longstanding mission to enhance our contributions to the community, we affirm our commitment to Panasonic’s commitment to help accelerate development and establish a green and carbon-neutral world in the future. We will also continue our hard work to establish Panasonic’s position as a beacon of change and innovation, as well as help shape the characteristics of a more sustainable future by adopting an environmentally friendly operating strategy and developing more energy-saving products and solutions, in as well as continuing to provide our corporate and private customers with various innovative and environmentally friendly technologies.”

Panasonic Corporation was founded in April last year as a new subsidiary of Panasonic Holding Company and brings together under its umbrella all business operations related to the production of devices used in everyday life. Accordingly, the new brand logo symbolizes the company’s mission of improving the quality of life of individuals, society and the planet as a whole, which Panasonic seeks to achieve, respectively, by providing advanced electronic devices that improve the quality of life of people; provide society with infrastructure that ensures safety and security; And protect the planet by helping to reduce carbon emissions and creating a circular economy, benefiting from its ecological products and relying on clean energy. Panasonic’s efforts to promote well-being are divided into three categories: internal, external and spatial well-being. The company focuses its products and services on promoting well-being within these three categories.

Panasonic, in its efforts to promote inner well-being, focuses on improving healthy eating patterns with products designed for convenient and nutritious cooking, as well as providing innovative solutions to improve food preservation quality and ensure freshness. Panasonic products in this regard include microwave ovens with healthy air frying technology, slow cookers, blenders, refrigerators and other solutions.

In the field of outdoor wellness, Panasonic is committed to providing innovations that ensure hygiene and health and help people manage their health and appearance in the best possible way. The company’s solutions in this category include a broad range of beauty and personal care products, including hair dryers, hair straighteners and other razors and trimmers.

Through spatial well-being, Panasonic aims to build clean and comfortable homes that provide the ideal environment for health and relaxation. This category covers a wide range of the most important home electronics developed by Panasonic, such as TVs, home cinema systems, washing machines, irons and steam irons. The company’s products within the space luxury category also focus on providing a high quality indoor living environment by using the power of air to bring about positive change. Panasonic air solutions are ideal products for improving indoor air quality, including air conditioners with the latest innovative nanotechnology. In regards to the company’s environmentally friendly activities, Panasonic Corporation seeks to protect the environment worldwide based on two main pillars: climate neutrality and promoting the circular economy.

The Panasonic Group aims to contribute to the reduction of more than 300 million tonnes of carbon dioxide by 2050, including 110 million tonnes along its value chain, as well as avoiding emissions of almost 200 million tonnes. In this context, Panasonic Corporation seeks to reduce around 150 tons of carbon emissions by 2050, which constitutes half of the total goal that the group has set itself.

Panasonic relies on its unique technical capabilities in the field of clean energy solutions and its efficiency in order to achieve climate neutrality in society, and its major initiatives include the development of heat pumps and RE100 global solutions using fuel cells hydrogen, as well as CO2 condensing units with natural refrigerants.

As part of Panasonic’s efforts to promote a circular economy, the company is focusing on improving product life and repairability through modular designs, long-term ownership of parts, the use of IoT and software to predict failures and upgrade capabilities and focus on designing products that can be easily disassembled, reused and recycled.

Meaning of the new Panasonic brand logo:

Each word in this logo reflects its meaning as follows:

Make: We create high-quality, useful products that improve people’s lives and make the world a better place, reflecting the core and pillars of Panasonic’s identity.

Today: Today’s Panasonic customers trust us to develop technologies and engineering solutions that improve their daily lives and personal well-being. The brand is always eager to deliver the best innovations and strengthen its commitment to sustainability.

Making an impact: Panasonic is committed to enriching the world together with customers and places the well-being of customers and the safety of the planet at the heart of all its operations and products. The company’s goal is to enrich the lives of the people around it every day

Tomorrow: In the future, Panasonic will continue to improve its products, services and solutions to improve the quality of life of customers and help shape the characteristics of a bright future for the environment and the planet as a whole.








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