Muhammad Hamza.. An inspiring journey with healthy products and vegan cheeses

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“Don’t imitate anyone and don’t care about the words of the frustrated”. Golden advice given by the Emirati entrepreneur, Mohammed Hamza, to all those who intend to take the first step on the path to realizing their dreams, by as the owner of the idea of ​​the “Amadal” project confirmed to “Emirates Today”, that the experience is fraught with pitfalls, but it is worth discovering it, stopping at many distinguished stations who have enriched his career in the field, since the creation of his innovative local project, which he later expanded to succeed in creating an Emirati brand specializing in “granola” and the manufacture of “vegetarian cheeses” with special standards 100% natural products, which opened up horizons for excellence locally, after the new brand managed to dedicate the experience of its organic products and disseminate it on a large scale to large segments of the public in the Emirates.

healthy lifestyle

On the idea of ​​the project and the rationale for setting it up, Emirati Mohammed Hamzah spoke of his long-standing and deep interest, along with all his family members, in healthy food options in general, especially the ” morning granola. meal which they prepared within their small family and enjoyed distributing it, by virtue of the ancient Arab traditions of generosity, to the family. And relatives and neighbors, emphasizing saying: “Over time, the tastes and quality of the granola that we prepared manually, relying on completely organic ingredients, attracted everyone who tried it. He added: “After noticing everyone’s interest in granola, I had the idea of ​​expanding the product experience in a more professional way. Over time, the step of establishing a specialized business project outside the borders of the cam family, specializing in the preparation and sale of various varieties (granola) with its old (classic) taste and a series of other innovative flavors to satisfy the desires of its lovers, including the delicious chocolate component and the authentic Emirati cuisine options such as dates and cardamom which were not previously available in the market.

Reliable products

The success of the ‘Granola’ project has whetted entrepreneur Mohammed Hamza’s appetite to think about expanding his project in Dubai, after opening a successful Mexican restaurant project in ‘Umm Al Quwain’, which prompted to think about the acquisition of a new place. and allocating a large portion to preparing her healthy morning recipes. From there, “Amadal” launched at a slow and steady pace into the healthy and organic food market in the UAE, devoting an innovative experience in the field and constantly renewing access to coconut granola, thyme and salted caramel.

Mohammed Hamza commented: “Dubai is a global city open to investment and business opportunities, and perhaps this is what drives us to constantly develop and diversify our brand’s products in a way that satisfies lovers of Healthy foods Reliable local honey like Emirati Sidr honey or organic “maple” syrup imported from Canada.

Travel Challenges

Regarding the most important challenges he has faced, Hamza stressed that satisfying the local connoisseur in the Emirates is not at all an easy task, especially with the presence of more than 200 different nationalities and cultures, each characterized by different habits. particular foods, saying, “The question is without a doubt, it takes adventure and ability.” On the permanent sacrifice of social life to pursue the smallest details of the project.

Regarding the most important recommendations and advice that the Emirati, Mohammed Hamzah, made based on his long experience in the field, he said: “From my experience, I advise those who apply for a special project to not listen to frustrated people, to be positive, have a strong will and work hard to achieve their goals.”

And the owner of “Amadal” pointed out that the new Corona pandemic has made a clear difference in the mass taste and food choices of many, like the trend of many during the experience of home isolation, whose the characteristics were clearly felt during the period of the pandemic and the domestic isolation, which saw a doubling of sales, following a healthy lifestyle and relying entirely on healthy eating, and this resulted in the doubling from the demand for healthy products “granola” to “Amadal” due to everyone’s clear understanding of the value of maintaining health and the importance of constantly taking care of it.

Vegan cheeses

Muhammad Hamza’s ambitions did not stop at the limits of providing nutritional and balanced morning meals to maintain health, but rather went beyond him to incorporate the idea of ​​producing vegan cheeses, which also achieved success and clear public demand, thanks to its reliance on entirely organic products and their total absence of lactose and milk derivatives, many of which have found the opportunity for them to adopt a healthy diet that protects against diseases. In this regard, Hamza commented: “Due to my work in the field of Mexican restaurants, I used to receive many requests for vegan cheeses, and with time and an increased demand for them, I rushed to discover vegan cheeses and embrace their preparation not only with innovative flavors such as thyme, olives, chilli (jalapeno) and Indian chutney (sauce), but with ingredients made from the finest types of nuts of cashew.

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