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Skin health is affected by gut flora (gut microbes). If the intestine is diseased, it will cause skin infections. If the gut is healthy, it will lead to better skin health.

The greater the diversity of microbes in the gut, the greater the positive impact on digestion, nutrient absorption and strengthening the immune system. Like that Gut health reduces the possibility of skin allergies, Like atopic dermatitis (called atopic eczema). “How does the intestine affect the health of the skin? This question has not yet been definitively clarified”, because studies on this subject are still ongoing, as mentioned by the German site “T-Online”. .

However, there are several skin diseases that alleviate, if so Check the nutritional balance of the intestine. This is confirmed by dermatologist Ellen Meyer-Rughe, who participates in the German Society of Dermatologists.

The harms of antibiotics

It appears when taking antibiotics The link between gut and skin health. Antibiotics attack not only harmful bacteria in the intestine, but also beneficial bacteria. Diarrhea is a common symptom when taking antibiotics. “It is not uncommon for a rash, redness and itching to appear on the skin, or for fungus to form in the genital areas,” says medical specialist Ellen Meyer-Roeghe, adding: “This drug does not does not affect the balance of intestinal microbes, but also the skin and mucous membranes.”

Best Foods for Gut and Skin Health

The best for gut and skin health is to eat Vegetables, legumes and whole products According to the medical specialist. She adds: “On the other hand, there is a negative effect on the skin when consuming” sugar, fast food, coffee, and also dairy products.

The doctor points out that children born by natural childbirth and not by caesarean section have the possibility of obtaining beneficial bacteria from the mother, which is very important for strengthening the immune system and intestinal health. Likewise, breast milk contains many elements that provide the infant with beneficial intestinal bacteria.

As for babies born by C-section who are only breastfed for a short time, they are more susceptible to skin diseases, according to dermatologist Meyer-Rogge.

And when the intestine suffers from a chronic disease, it has an obvious effect on the health of the skin, because skin infections appear, And other skin symptoms such as cracks and hair loss.



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