Food Week January 13th, Agenda


January 13th Food Week

We are full of vitamins

Named after the funny bird, the fruit makes its bid to bring its share of vitamin-rich sweetness into the heart of winter. the French producers of kiwi Fire it Kiwik, a week to put the kiwi back in the middle of the fruit basket. the From January 16th to 22ndeat kiwi, think kiwi, drink kiwi, cook kiwi as a family and participate in the kiwi instagram contest.

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January 13th Food Week

We surrender to Lebanese flavours

With meat marinated and then grilled on a spit for long hours Shawarma Noura Unmatched. Served with chicken, or a combination of beef and lamb, it’s garnished with fresh and crunchy vegetables, pickles, and garlic cream or sesame sauce, all in homemade Lebanese bread. This Bedouin delicacy, recognized as the best shawarma recipe in Paris for over 30 years, is best enjoyed hot and slightly crunchy.

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January 13th Food Week

We keep dinner very secret

It was in the midst of a pandemic in Tel Aviv Charlotte Hajjaj He created the concept of diner on the street, which is now moving to Paris in the form of Secret dinner. At the dinner that Charlotte organizes, everything is kept secret until the last minute, she chooses the venue, cooks the menu herself and chooses the artist for the live music. Book an exceptional dinner with friends!

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January 13th Food Week

We reenergize ourselves in the binge

To make up for the winter energy drop, Eric Kaiser submit file Bread with granola and cranberriesMade with sourdough, followed by a long fermentation, it is perfect for recharging your batteries while keeping you healthy. We love this bread with a delicious mix of nuts and toasted dried fruits, the perfect January ally for breakfast or a snack.

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January 13th Food Week

Let ourselves be completely fooled

David Allena 2-star chef with head sommelier, Fabian Follionnew A unique blend of foods and non-alcoholic beverages With an incredible aromatic palette. Soft drinks made from aromatic herbs, roots, leaves, flowers, plants, vegetables, fruits and seeds act in such a way as to be as close as possible to grape varieties in all their complexity. In addition to the fact that it allows you to discover a great tasting, this approach is a way to recycle the glass, which is not exploited on the plate.

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Store Emanuele Renault

We draw from the big chef pantry

In the city center of Megève, the 3-star chef Flocons de Sel has opened his own grocery store, Store Emanuele Renault. In addition to a wide range of homemade creations (terrines, sausages, honeys, small plates) there is also a selection of products from friendly chefs, pastry chefs and producers, Savoy wines and the latest spirits from the chef bottled in Flocons. .

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We are preparing to enter the year of the Water Rabbit

On January 22nd, the Chinese New Year will mark the beginning of the Year of the Water Rabbit, to be celebrated with the hope of bringing prosperity that it proclaims.

steam bar

in steam barChef Chi Cheung Wong will present the most beautiful Hong Kong dishes: green papaya salad, stir-fried bao with coated pork, assorted dim sum, Hong Kong dumplings and large mochi with black sesame and peanuts as a treat.

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Shang Palace

in Shangri-La’s Shang Palace RestaurantChef Samuel Lee will sample Sahimi Lo Hei, Wonton soup with langoustines, Shang Palace-style plated duck, sautéed blue lobster with ginger, truffle-fried wagyu beef, and pork ravioli before sampling a dessert created with pastry chef Maxence Barbot. About clementines.

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night restaurant

in Peninsula Night Restaurant, Chef Tak will serve a variety of appetizers, followed by Atlantic Salmon served according to the tradition of Lo Hei (a mixture of vegetables and fish), a selection of Chef’s Dim Sum (abalone, carabineros shrimp, vegetables and truffles), traditional Chinese soup, sautéed lobster , beef tenderloin with garlic and chili sauce, and chinese noodles with braised brown crab. For dessert, sticky rice pearls soaked in ginger syrup, red bean brioche and New Chinese traditional sticky rice cake, nian gao.

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We already have a list for January 17th!

International Pizza DayToday’s menu is all found!

Not felicita

for lunch, in La FelicitaTreat yourself to an Altaglio pizza: the sliced ​​pizza found in food markets. A very light and homogeneous dough, cooked at a low temperature to make it easy to reheat. The final advantage is that you can test multiple pizza recipes in one meal.

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For dinner we go to groupimo To savor the new recipe, Coppa Zucca, made with creamy butternut squash cream, melted mozzarella for di latte, provola, coppa and basil.

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Muhammad Ali 1830

We treat ourselves to an exceptional piece

Muhammad Ali 1830 Partners with featured chef John Imbert to create a file An exceptional soup bowl which reinterprets goldsmithing codes applied in boilermaking. This salad is articulated around two parts. and the salad itself, which can catch fire, is covered with vegetables in a copper lace that evokes the leaves of vegetables cooked in the pot; The upper part, revealing the carved and folded parts of the foliage, raised thanks to the brass cutouts that illustrate the roots of the vegetable.

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