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in order to save, Many people frequently reuse frying oilThe problem is that those oils used for frying are the source of saturated fats, and reusing them makes them worse, because it makes trans fats in the body a big health threat. What is scary is that with the current oil crisis, the repeated use of oil can become a double problem.

Cooking Oil May Have Significant Health Benefits healthHowever, these benefits can just turn into serious risks when misused, such as frequent use of frying oil.

Many may not realize that this method can be described as very toxic due to the health risks it can cause related to heart disease, cancer and cognitive problems such as dementia, Alzheimer’s disease and Parkinson’s disease.

Studies have also found another toxin that is released when the oil is heated which is highly toxic to the body and can disrupt DNA, RNA and protein bodily functions which affect basic cellular processes from the body. According to what was published by (Times of India).

harmful cholesterol

When the oil is exposed to high temperature, some of the fats are converted into trans fats and lose their properties, resulting in the release of harmful free radicals.

Moreover, following the same process for a long time can lead to health complications such as stroke, obesity, chest pain, stomach pain, indigestion and even heart disease because the High consumption of trans fats increases levels of harmful cholesterol in the body. . According to what was published by the website (Livestrong).

In addition, such consumption leads to an increased risk of acidity, heartburn, throat problems and infections in the body.



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