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countryIf you’re looking for healthy eating, it’s important to keep in mind the types of cooking oils you use in your kitchen. In fact, there are so many different varieties that it can be difficult to make the right choice for your needs, especially if you don’t know which one is best for your heart, skin, and overall health.

When it comes to health, good cooking oil is essential, so you can prepare healthy meals, maintain a balanced diet and reduce the risk of disease. Additionally, cooking oil provides us with healthy fats and nutrients such as vitamin E and several types of omega-3 fatty acids, and different oils are better suited for different types of food preparations.

Avocado oil is good for frying and baking
Avocado oil is good for frying and baking

For example, olive oil is great for dressing salads or pickles, while avocado oil is best for high-heat cooking methods like stir-frying. Plus, knowing which cooking oils are the healthiest for your specific needs can help you make smarter food choices that will leave you feeling healthier.

Below, the French site “Presse Santi” has reviewed the 6 best cooking oils to make your meals as healthy as possible:

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Extra virgin olive oil:

From what I translatedcountryExtra virgin olive oil is an excellent source of monounsaturated fats, which can help lower bad cholesterol levels while promoting healthy blood pressure. It also contains a number of antioxidants, including polyphenols known for their anti-inflammatory properties, as well as their ability to fight free radicals in the body. This type of olive oil also has a high smoke point, making it an ideal choice for sautéing vegetables or sautéing meats.

Avocado oil:

Avocado oil is a great choice for cooking, due to its versatile nature, health benefits, and good flavor. In addition, its high smoke point (up to 260°C) makes it suitable for almost all types of cooking. Additionally, avocado oil is also high in monounsaturated fats which are known to have heart health benefits and can help reduce inflammation.

It’s very easy to find avocado oil in most grocery stores, which means you won’t have to go to great lengths to buy it.

There are several types of recommended cooking oils
There are several types of recommended cooking oils

Peanut oil:

Peanut oil is an excellent choice for cooking because this type of oil has a high smoke point, which means it can be safely heated up to 240°C without releasing unwanted toxins in food or break it down to form harmful compounds.

Like other oils, peanut oil is naturally high in healthy fatty acids, such as oleic acid and linoleic acid, which provide essential nutrients for heart health and weight management. Its tasteless nature also makes it ideal for frying and sautéing different types of food. In short, peanut oil is one of the most recommended cooking oils.

Olive oil is healthy and a good choice for cooking
Olive oil is healthy and a good choice for cooking

Sesame oil:

Sesame oil is another popular choice for cooking, due to its heart-healthy unsaturated fats, which can help lower bad cholesterol while providing important vitamins like vitamin E, B6, and K2, as well as minerals like potassium, zinc and magnesium. not found in most other types of oils. .

Although mainly used as a garnish in Indian cuisine, such as in curries or chutneys, due to its peanut flavor, sesame oil is also effective for sautéing vegetables or coating foods before serving them. fry or roast.

Safflower oil:

Safflower oil has to be one of the go-to cooking oils for anyone looking to add flavor to their recipes. Its mild flavor is the perfect complement to most dishes. In addition, safflower oil has excellent nutritional benefits: it is high in unsaturated fatty acids and low in saturated fat.

safflower oil
safflower oil

It is also high in linoleic acid, which is an omega-6 fatty acid essential for healthy skin and metabolism. Finally, its high smoke point makes safflower ideal for high-heat cooking, such as stir-fries. In short, its unique blend of properties makes it one of the best cooking oils on the market today.

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Unrefined sunflower oil:

Unrefined sunflower oil is an excellent cooking oil due to its mild flavor and light color. It also has a higher smoke point than other cooking oils, so it can be used in many recipes. One of the most important benefits of unrefined sunflower oil is that it contains high amounts of vitamin E, which acts as an antioxidant in the body and helps reduce inflammation.

It also has anti-inflammatory properties, making it ideal for people with digestive issues or looking to reduce their risk of heart disease. Finally, unrefined sunflower oil is affordable and widely available, making it an affordable option for home cooks looking to prepare healthy meals.

sunflower oil
sunflower oil








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