Top 10 restaurants opening in 2022 in Paris


Constantly on the lookout New places Which appear like mushrooms in the streets of the City of Light, it is time to take stock Gourmand first Paris. Unusual concepts, majestic settings and outright flavours Here is our selection of the best Parisian establishments that opened their doors in 2022!

Martin Brewery

Martin Brewery

Having terrified the taste buds in all of Paris with Brasseries Belanger and Duplotthe The new guard Triple the bet with an opening Martin lager last july. A vegetable terrace, honest recipes and a well-stocked cellar: there are, of course, all the assets that draw crowds and make the group a success.

Brasserie Martin – 24 Rue Saint-Ambroise, 75011

My light

Nori Takeuchi

It’s hard for us to miss a file Nouri Restaurantwhose opening is located in the heart of Du Street Faubourg Saint Martin very modern. In this shop, which is decorated like an authentic Japanese tavern, you can taste a wonderful dish that is commonly called ” taco sushi “It is unusual fusion – You guessed it – between tacos and sushi.

Nuri – 18-20, Rue Dubourg Saint-Martin, 75010


Mashi Restaurant

At the crossroads between Bold kitchen and collaborative workThe brigade is commanded by the young commander Michael Gamet Makes the taste buds of Parisians dance every evening at Chews. On the menu, every dish witnesses rare creativity and meticulous work. in this den Art Deco and Pop ArtWe enjoy the fruits of our chefs’ creativity. And if the menu changes with seasons and comers, the bold combinations and candid tastes are still there.

Lamb’s lettuce – 61, rue de Chabrol, 75010

Oh my dog

Oh my dog

Historical setting, atypical recipes, and outspoken flavors: these are the key ingredients of the Oh My Dog! The new original address is on Richer Street. Here, the real New York hot dog is in the spotlight. Whether you prefer it in its simplest form or with a touch of fantasy, the traditional American dish has found its temple in Paris, and it happens to be at 35 rue Richer, under an old covered arcade!

Oh my dog! – 35 Richer Street, 75009


Street grill mojo mori saco paris

After making all Parisian gourmets drool with his first MoSuke establishment, Mory Sacko has done it again with the opening of two new landmark restaurants! At the time of our reservation, the former Top Chef nominee was delighting us MosogoFried chicken show. Today, the concept has been expanded and just landed in Paris to our greatest happiness!

Musugu by Mori Sacco
Galeries Lafayette Gourmet – 37, Haussmann Street, 75009
22 Raymond Luceran Street, 75014

Cambronne melt

Texas Melt Barbecue Restaurant
Instagram @meltparis

A light scent of the American South has recently emanated from Cambronne Street… This is definitely due to the recent installation of fusion on the street corner. After, after Oberkampf and Batignollesthe third restaurant for friends Paul Loisilour and Jean Janezat This time settled on the 15th side of January 25, 2022. On the program: new specialties, Texas barbecue and delicious melted and smoked meats.

Milt Cambronne – opening at 25 – 103 Cambronne Street, 75015

Avocado show


The lawyer now has a 100% new address assigned to him in DC. Avocado show It is waiting for you Botanical and colorful cave With a list, you will understand, 100% dedicated to the lawyer. Visually stunning, the dishes that make up the menu” Very healthy food From the restaurant will surprise you with taste and creativity.

Avocado Show – 6, Rue Etienne Marcel, 75002

The hungry club

The hungry club
@starving. club

Tebot Spiewakfilter for Top Chef 2022, intends to change the culinary landscape of the capital with its original and all-new gourmet title. Hungry, you risk being invaded since the name is apt The hungry club I landed in the spring on Rue Pasteur in the 15th arrondissement. At the crossroads of three world cuisines, this new hot spot has everything to make you drool with envy.

Starving Club – 11, Pasteur Street, 75015

in lulu

Chez Loulou Paris Restaurant

In Paris, A.A New restaurant Out of the ordinary opened its doors last March. Festive, stunning, exciting, uninhibited… No adjective can adequately describe this place steeped in mystery. The former club Jean-Louis La Nuit has literally been turned into a bastard. But “Shi Lulu” Not just a simple restaurant, it’s a spectacle in itself. In this New Parisian settingIt’s time to party and run away.

Chez Loulou – 66 rue Jean-Jacques Rousseau, 75001

blue paw

Blue Paw Paris

in the capital Bao family He is on top of the celebrities now Little Paw And Big Paw. In the heart of these friendly restaurants, you have the opportunity to discover The best Chinese food. From now on, the 9th is also part of the family with the recent opening of Bleu Bao, a new temple to Chinese cuisine in Paris. In particular, you can taste bao and dimsum At blue porcelain services, and we indulge in a map for Provincial Chinese inspired cocktails.

Blue Bao – 8 Rue Saint-Lazare, 75009


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