Consuming sugar in large quantities leads to the appearance of many risk factors

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Raymond Scheffler, director of development at Novel Foods, confirmed that the consumption of added sugars in large quantities can lead to the emergence of many risk factors, such as obesity, which can lead to diabetes, heart disease, lesions hepatic and renal and certain types of diseases. cancer too.

Speaking to the media, Shelfer said: “An important study showed a significant link between excessive sugar consumption and death from cardiovascular disease, particularly heart disease. During the study, participants who consumed up to 21% more calories from sugar were more likely to die from cardiovascular disease compared to those who ate it with just 8% more calories.

He added: “Excessive sugar consumption is a real problem and a threat to health.”

Excessive consumption

On his explanation of the magnitude of this problem, Shelfer responded by saying, “Excessive consumption of added sugar in particular, can cause obesity which can lead to diabetes, which is a global health problem. This is the most evident in the United Arab Emirates where 16.3% of the population has diabetes mellitus in adults, which has been shown to be caused primarily by a diet high in sugary foods.

He added, “On the other hand, sugar imposes more risk factors not only on the health and life of individuals, but also has a negative impact on the environment due to the widespread use of agricultural chemicals. which pollute water and cause air pollution; as a result, it causes damage to wildlife, soil, air and water.” and all ecosystems.

Different types of sugar

Shelfer reviewed the different types of sugar saying, “There are 3 main types, refined sugar, which is the most widely used and well-known form of sugar, natural sugar, which you can find in foods in the form of glucose or fructose. , and finally non-nutritive artificial sweeteners.

Sugar is one of the ingredients that generates energy by converting carbohydrates into glucose in the body, and the danger posed by sugar can be understood if we look at its manufacturing mechanism, the chemicals it contains and by monitoring the quantity of its consumption.

He went on to say, “Sugar beets are processed to extract sugar and make refined sugar, and sucrose, which is a compound made up of glucose and fructose, is the best-known form of refined sugar, and at During this process, the sugar loses most of its nutrients and beneficial fiber, and it is the sugar that most of us use during our daily routine.

Shelfer added, “Natural sweeteners are sugars that can be found in fruits and different types of foods. Glucose and fructose, found in fruits, are the two main types of natural sweeteners. Natural sweeteners are beneficial to health and reduce harmful effects. However, maintaining moderate proportions of consumption is still mandatory to avoid weight gain.

He said: “Artificial sweeteners, on the other hand, are non-nutritive sweeteners, and many have been encouraged to use artificial sweeteners because they contain fewer calories and have fewer negative side effects. However, since artificial sweeteners are chemically modified sugars, there are consequences.” It is harmful to consume, including increased appetite, risk of cancer and gut health, and can also cause headaches, in addition to the fact that artificial sweeteners contain no nutrients and do not affect therefore not positively the health of the body compared to natural sugars.

Avoid risks

Regarding the most appropriate ways to avoid the risks that sugar poses to our health, Shelfer replied, “You have to watch your sugar intake and make better food choices. Studies have shown that each person should not exceed their consumption of more than 10% of the total”. calories from added sugar, and it’s better to eat less.”

“It is also important to note that sugar is found in many products, including sugary drinks, yogurts, sauces and many more. So I encourage everyone to make informed food choices and limit their consumption of sugar in his diet,” he added. .

He concluded by saying, “The good news is that scientists and researchers are trying to find a healthy alternative to sugar that can be easily used in many food products and benefit the life and health of the individual.”




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