Youth.. a golden age that reached the sky

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Emirati youth in Sharjah are experiencing their golden age, in light of the opportunities provided by the state and Sharjah, and by their ability to overcome challenges, give and take, and achieve success that has become tangible on the ground. of the state.

The words of His Highness Sheikh Dr. Sultan bin Muhammad Al Qasimi, Member of the Supreme Council and Ruler of Sharjah, reflect his great faith in young people and the importance of providing them with opportunities for the good of the country. His Highness said: ” Young men and women are the pillars of progress and development in any society around the world, and we emphasize the need to provide opportunities. Our sons and daughters, from a young age, have a need to grow, learn and acquire social skills that keep up with the times, in a stable, supportive and caring environment that qualifies them to start and play their important role that we look forward to playing throughout their lives, and repeat again in a stable environment, supportive and caring.These words reflect the initiatives that Sharjah offers for the welfare of the youth and interest in them from a young age through childcare centres, then Sajaya girls centers and youth centers, so that these centers graduate young people armed with science and knowledge to complete the march of Sharjah.

There are many initiatives that have been launched for and by young people, and these initiatives are the best station for youth creativity and innovation, and the home of creative ideas that contribute to the renaissance of the state, and young people today have shown that they know how to as much as that trust and are able to implement the vision with all due credit.

Keep up with the times

Youth initiatives and awarding of prizes for them continue, including the “Sheikh Sultan Award for Youth Energy”, launched by Dr. Sultan, and it is the first in the region. A challenge of different levels and multiple fields, including volunteering, adventure, skills and talent.

The award opens the door to participation for young men and women between the ages of 13 and 18. The award revolves around the combination of academic knowledge, talent, will and skill, through mental, physical and moral learning, with the aim of building a generation that possesses the skills that qualify them to keep up with the diverse demands of the life and serve the society in the social, cultural and material aspects, activating the principle of the effective human being in the society. The “Sheikh Sultan Award for Youth Energy” is divided into three levels: gold, silver and bronze, depending on the requirements that the participant meets for specific sections, namely: adventure, volunteering, skills and hobbies.

Community service

His Highness the Ruler of Sharjah believes that the areas of the award are divided into important aspects of community service and reflect the important role of youth as the main element in preserving society, completing its development and building its future. This was evident during his speech at the ceremony honoring the winners of the second round of the ‘Sheikh Sultan Youth Energy Award’, where His Highness said, ‘The award is an extension of several goals Sharjah has been working towards for many years to instill in young people, that they are the foundation of society and that it is the family that forms the building block”. They will take the lead in upholding core values ​​and preserving the achievements of the country, society and the environment. There are many areas of community service there that require young people to take the lead in them, including the Arabic language, as the young person becomes a pioneer in it by not winning an award in rhetoric, poetry, or anything else. and teach these skills to others by forming specialized groups through which others develop.

Natural reserves

The desert environment needs the efforts of young people to preserve it, and among the most important efforts of Sharjah are the establishment of nature reserves to preserve the components of the natural environment of plants and animals from grazing and overfishing, and to preserve the seeds that multiply each year in large numbers in reserves and spread to maintain their permanence and to preserve many of the animals that may be threatened with extinction. The establishment of shrines requires human effort, and when he participates, he will be their supporter and preserver because of his participation in their establishment, and this is an area of ​​appreciation and honour.

The efforts of the Emirate of Sharjah in preserving the society are great by building a person from his childhood and initiatives in education, housing and employment, with the aim of supporting the stability of the young man and his family, so that this stability is reflected in society and preserved in all its aspects. The youth initiative is necessary to study the various aspects of society, to know its negative and positive aspects, and to develop studies and solutions with it, in order to effectively serve the country and society.

Exceptional experiences

The Sheikh Sultan Award for Youth Energy succeeded in providing outstanding experiences to young men and women during the previous sessions, who gained a great deal of practical knowledge and culture on how to combine academic knowledge, talent, will, skill and hobbies. And young people are always at the rendezvous with more tools for success in this award that works to build generations capable of building sustainable societies, promote sustainable development goals and enable young people to excel, excel and lead, to be role models for young people of the world, within this award which dedicates its approach to the vision of wise leadership that young people are qualified to assume responsibilities in various sectors and fields of life.

The award has helped change the lives of young people and put them on the line to engage in creative experiences and life skills that are useful to society, as well as motivate them to develop their talents and provide them with opportunities for innovation and creativity.

development partners

The award provides elements of support for its young people to be partners in development and a driving force in development and progress, more involved in and contributing to issues in their society, and more able to express themselves, their opinions and aspirations, to achieve stability and prosperity for society.

The youth have always been in the vision of Sheikh Sultan and given the greatest share of interest, empowerment and unleashing, to develop their skills and abilities and get the opportunity they deserve to paint the bright picture of UAE. His Highness has bet on them to bring about positive change and know how to take responsibility, so that they can leave their mark and contribute to the achievement of sustainable development that guarantees access to a society strong in its ideas and coherent with its individuals, which lead a healthy life and focusing on promoting the concepts of creativity, innovation and sustainability.

Sharjah for capacity building

The Sharjah Foundation for Capacity Development “Tatweer” was established with the aim of attracting young leaders, activate their role, encourage and develop partnerships between various sectors of society with the aim of increasing the competitiveness of the Emirate of Sharjah, facilitate the implementation of new ideas and projects, supporting creativity and leadership skills and promoting best practices followed globally. The Wathba program is launched by the Sharjah Foundation for Capacity Development, the first dynamic mentoring program for the development of individual skills in the country. The program is based on the idea of ​​self-fulfillment through an educational path tailored to the individual that allows him to reach his maximum potential to achieve sustainable success.







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