The front end of the checkout process resumes its marks in the store


In an increasing context of retail digitization, brands are reviewing their cash front strategy. They are always essential, and yet they are reformulated (planning, promotion, presentation) according to new consumer expectations.

What if tomorrow, in the aisles of supermarkets, you find yourself face to face with tempting robots? This is the innovation some brands are working on, like Mars Wrigley in partnership with California startup Savioke. The idea: to design small machines (type R2D2) that come to you with impulse products, such as sweets… The goal is to rework the customer experience, over and over again, including the so-called d impulse, found at the front of the body. Perhaps this scenario will materialize in the future, but for the time being, cash advances remain a compulsory passage that enhances this depreciation. “Impulsive buying is king here. When the desired product does not appear, the purchase is delayed in 70% of cases ”And Confirms Olivier Andreoletti, PGC’s Beauty and Operations Director in the Food and Beauty division of Monoprix. main categories? “Pocket sweets and chewing gum that have no other space in the rest of the customer journey, troubleshooting (batteries, alcohol gels, etc.), but also services (cards, bags, etc.)”he answers.

The press is made of “boxes”

without forgetting hurryother big “Plot” From view to exit, explains Bertrand Clavier, CEO of Publications Grand at Reworld Media (PGP), which has been publishing and distributing its magazines for more than 35 years in supermarkets.

40% of our offering consists of food related magazines. The goal is to get people to discover cooking in an engaging way, with plenty of images that plunge the reader into the product’s imagination. Also with recipes to allow him to show himself. In fact, we do editorial promotion of what the brand sells off the shelf.

another booming part, The youth press, with the so-called “tear dryer” products, such as coloring, etc.. And, of course, television journalism, with its flagship product Telemagazine Magazine. It is the oldest television magazine in France. congratulates himself Bertrand CalversExecutive Director of Public Publications at Reworld Media. This address has a bad reputation and stays a full 14 days before checkout ». What else tempts advertisers…

In short, there is a practical, useful and entertaining offer on the front of the checkout. But despite it all, that last mile of the customer’s in-store journey suffers. We recorded a 3-4% decrease in sales volume.says Bertrand Claveris. This decline is explained by a combination of factors, the first of which is the development of the self-checkout (SCO) system. Even if, as Bertrand Clavier reminds us, SCO spaces account for 35% of checkouts, they generate only 15% of turnover on average.

Data to be considered for brands, which therefore have an interest in generating additional turnover. Also in question is the smartphone that monopolizes customers’ attention while waiting at the checkout. without forgetting Development of driving and voice assistants that produce frequent shopping lists.

Ricola, the star of the exit fronts:

– the France is the second market in brand size.

Ricola targets 10% growth This year in France.

Revenue managed in France in 2022: 95 million euros (all circles combined).

” in front of Decrease in turnover in this area, development of automatic withdrawals and less captivated and faster consumersWe are currently thinking about the career of this space and the layout of the furniture and display to be deployed there» pointed out Olivier Andreoletti, PGC’s Beauty and Operations Director in the Food and Beauty division of Monoprix.

This should be the space Road sign with part of the view restored Which again attracts the attention of the consumer. Our goal is to turn the end of the journey into shopping rather than waiting and encouraging additional purchases at the end of the journey. » in home Monoprixthe bias was to create a different region depending on the group.

“Consumers now have a choice in how to group according to their expectations, he refers to. Schematically, the large baskets or those seeking human contact move towards the exit yards of the carpet, and the smaller baskets in the process of auto-push. For carpet checkouts, we focus on welcoming customers with our hosts and cashiers. We prefer low furniture and Management trade With repeat supply plus furniture at each of the exits. »

“For automatic checkouts, we have several places to attract the consumer with different furniture: at the queue (single queue) with proposed furniture that sets the waiting path (near queue), but also in front of the automatic cash register with small furniture. This is installed at the automatic checkout and includes a display Short with front-of-the-money essentials like pocket candy, gum, or sachets. »

Changes at the front of the loan in 2023.

In Cora, too, the topic is studied closely. “We are optimizing the payment process with a single queue in our hypermarket in Flers, in the North”pointed out Vincent Levy, Director of Marketing, Customer and Digital within Brand. The principle is simple. There is only one line, and once the end of that line is reached, the computer indicates which square number to go to. We have Featured here on the front of the impulse process, to relaunch impulse buying. We also expanded the offer and, on the contrary, narrowed it down to self-scanning methods. “.

And Olivier Andreoletti adds that “Younger targets are more attracted to self-loans. A great opportunity to give them a closer exposure”. Thus, major retailers are changing their furniture and their customers’ journeys, but don’t forget to change their offer as well, again in line with consumers’ expectations.

Press the side first. “To capture the attention of consumers, we double down on novelties. We support our partners by producing personalized print content for them or their customers. For example, Halloween brochure, games, jokes, recipes for kids, pastry book, female/entertainment titles like religious sector my cat… » Bertrand Claveris explains.

Faced with declining checkout counter turnover, the development of automatic checkouts and less captivated, more expedited consumers, we are currently thinking about the purpose of this space.

Olivier Andreoletti, PGC’s Beauty and Operations Director in the Food and Beauty division of Monoprix.

The CEO is there at the checkout!

– Distribution in more than 5000 hypermarkets and supermarkets

– Close 250 titles designed, written, printed and delivered annually.

– Attending day Close 50,000 cases

– Products covering each week Almost 82 million checkouts

200 reference display units Allowing it to be installed on any type of body.

Before the Leclerc case

Preparing healthy and luxury snacks when you go out

There is also a change in the food aspect. And for good reason! Sales of chewing gum, the flagship product par excellence, have halved in ten years according to Nielsen. As for the pocket sweets segment, another star in the checkout with 42% of sales, it’s just beginning to return to growth.

trend now healthy products. “There is a real demand for healthy snacks in a small format. We are developing a lot Brand Na! , a pioneer in this part when going out »specific Frank Soren, Director of Strategic Development at Alsatian SME Solinest (350 million euros in sales), the market leader with a market share of 40% in the case of the confectionery industry alone.

Snacks and healthy products are at the forefront of the checkout.

else The part that has the wind in its sails, the part that supplementsespecially those who “Give” Tone that promotes sleep or activates memory …

In fact, we launched a new range on the front of the cash register in the spring, which is Zohi brand. It won’t be the last innovation, yet
affiliate. We will strengthen our luxury offering in 2023, in order to respond to new consumer trends, and revitalize the cash register market.

Gluttony, the press and the desire for luxury, will this be the new Marketing mix From the front of the body?


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