#Serhelion 2023. Denmark, winner of the Bocuse d’Or, finds all podiums and all champions


The main food and food service fair in Lyon closed its doors yesterday evening, January 23rd, after 5 exceptional days during which all players in the field of catering managed to share, discuss or even discover all the innovations and trends. This unmissable grand event has fulfilled its promises and devoted many professionals to all competitions that permeate this grand celebration of the profession to end with the coronation of Denmark, its chef Brian Mark Hansen who won the 19th edition of the Bocuse d’Or. Find out, throughout the days, all the podiums of Sirha 2023.

Podiums on January 19th :

  • International Catering Cup : gold medal: United States; Silver: France; Bronze medal: Czech Republic
  • Goldfish contest: gold medal: Romain Baru; Silver Medal: Sandy Rouvray. Bronze Medal: Olali Ross

  • Ecaille d’Or competition : Gold Medal: Kevin Di Sarno; Silver medal: Clément Marandon. Bronze Medal: Jeremy Roby

Podiums on January 20th :

  • Gargantua : a gold medal : Hautes-de-France (David Rose and Thibaut Tanfin); silver medal : Ile de France (Camille Douen and Marco Baeza); Bronze Medal: Occitania (Stephane Pommard and Nawab Mohamed)
  • Alpro Latte Art Challenge : a gold medal : Adi Menon. Silver medal: Marine Fedot Bronze Medal: Chris Anthony

  • World Burger Contest : Gold Medal : Julien Chauvigny Silver medal: Louis Gautier Libers Medal
    • Traditional Award – Julien Chauvigny
    • Young Talent Award – Ras Boumara
    • Favorite award – Julien Chauvigny
    • Vegetable Prize – Julien Chauvigny
    • Sweet Burger Price – Lionel Ravel
    • 1st place – Julien Chauvigny
    • Second place – Louis Gauthier Lepres
    • Third place – Lionel Ravel

Podiums on January 21st :

  • Dessert World Cup : Gold Medal : Japan; Silver medal: France ; Bronze Medal: Italy
  • French Baked Cup : Gold medal: Burgundy Franche Comté 1; Silver medal: Burgundy French Comte 2; Bronze Medal: Occitania 2
    • 1VerseCrowd favourite: Ile de France 1 (Aurore Polito, François Polito, Florian Sezo)
    • 2yCrowd Favourite: Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes 1 (Martin Latay, Alexis Doyen, Cyril Veniat)
    • 3yCrowd Favorite: Occitanie 2 (Yannis Thouy, Baptiste Jacob, Benjamin Auriau)
    • Valrhona Award: Bourgogne Franche Comté 2
    • Best Galette des Roi Award: Bourgogne Franche Comté 1
    • 1the timeLocation: Burgundy, France-Comte 1
    • 2yLocation: Bourgogne Franche Comte 2
    • 3yLocation: Occitania 2

  • Butler Cup : Gold medal: Diane Blanche Silver medal: Tess constant Bronze Medal: Emily St. Quentin



Podiums on January 22nd :

  • Flexibility contest : Gold Medal : Tanguy Escandile and J Barbin; Silver medal: Damien Pinault and Stephane Vonlaubet; Bronze Medal: Thomas Cuse and Flavian Carocci
  • French Barista Championship : gold medal : Bryce Rubin. silver medal : Tom Ballrin. Bronze medal : Marie Pechoche
  • European Butcher Competition : Gold medal: Nolwenn Coureau and Paolo Desbois; Silver medal: Alban Fillion and Patrick Larbe; Bronze Medal: Monia Andreoni and Madji Urey
  • French coffee tournament in good spirit : Gold Medal : Charlene Kabush Silver medal: Alexis Vigny Bronze Medal: Imad Hashad
  • – French Championship Chevh / Ibrik : Gold Medal : Pierre de Chanterac Silver medal: Louay Zaidan Bronze Medal: Elias Sfeir


Snacking role


Podiums on January 23rd

On January 23, 2023, after two days of competition, Voz won Denmark representative from one side Brian Mark Hansen and its writer Elizabeth Madsen concludes the 19th Grand Final of Bocuse d’Or, succeeding the French Dave Tissot, Bocuse d’Or 2021. Team NorwayIt consists of the president Philip August Bundy His writer Leon Harberg-Nielsen came in second and thus won Bocuse-D’Argent, instead Hungary represented b Pence Delconi and its writer Patrick Nikos Complete the platform. France, represented by Nice Pirolli, comes in fifth place.

  • Bocuse d’Or : Gold Medal : Denmark ; Silver medal: Norway; Bronze Medal: Hungary
  • Cheese and chef : Gold medal: Simone Mejit and Myrto Marchesi; Silver medal: Charlotte Betty Jean and Terry Capucci; Bronze Medal: Celia Desperiers and Roderick Verne
  • French cheese cup : Gold Medal : Dorian Pratt Silver medal: Antoine Abellan Bronze Medal: Jonathan Zedko
  • European Technical Sugar Championship : Gold Medal : Thomas Mahe Silver medal: Raymondo Esposito Bronze Medal: Mael Touvenin
  • French Neapolitan Pizza Championship : Gold Medal : Bruno Lucien Silver medal: Philip Large Bronze Medal: Clemente Mele


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