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The eggplant is one of the fruits that stands out for its striking purple color, and it comes in a variety of shapes, including oblong and oval, and its colors vary between white, green, and purple.

Whichever eggplant you choose, they all contain many beneficial nutrients. In our next article, we will tell you all the evidence and facts about the benefits of the famous purple eggplant.

The benefits of eggplants

Many studies have found evidence of a relationship between daily consumption of a variety of fruits and vegetables and a reduced risk of many chronic diseases.

Increasing the consumption of plant foods, such as eggplants, reduces the risk of obesity, heart disease and diabetes and promotes healthy skin and hair.

Here are the details of these benefits as follows:

1. Lower cholesterol

Studies have shown a relationship between eggplant consumption and lowering cholesterol.

In a 2014 study conducted on laboratory animals, it was found that rabbits that consumed eggplant juice had a significant decrease in weight and cholesterol levels.

In laboratory analyzes of phenolic compounds found in eggplants, the results of which were published in the Journal of Agricultural Research in 2004, it became clear that eggplants contain high amounts of chlorogenic acid.

This acid is one of the powerful antioxidants in the fight against free radicals, and works to reduce blood cholesterol levels, and acts as an antimicrobial, virus and carcinogen.

2. Promote heart and arterial health

Eggplant contains substances that promote heart and arterial health, such as: dietary fiber, powerful antioxidants, potassium, and both vitamin C and vitamin B6, which play important roles in:

Reduction of fat and cholesterol levels in the blood.

Strengthen the work of the heart and arteries.

Keep blood pressure and levels regular.

Many studies indicate that eating foods that contain certain flavonoids, including anthocyanins, has a significant role in reducing inflammatory markers and reducing the risk of heart disease.

3. Weight loss

It is known that eating foods rich in dietary fiber, such as aubergines, significantly contributes to increasing the sense of satiety and reducing appetite, and therefore reducing the amount of calories consumed during the day.

The eggplant is basically a food rich in nutritional values, low in calories and does not contain fat, so including it in the diet can contribute to weight control or weight loss.

4. Resistance to cancer

The polyphenols contained in eggplants have been found to have anticancer effects, and this is reinforced by the eggplants content of anthocyanins, antioxidant chlorogenic acid and anti-inflammatory compounds, as they are:

It protects the body from damage caused by free radicals, thus interrupting and preventing the growth of tumors and the spread of cancer cells.

Stimulates enzymes and cell detoxification processes.

5. Improve cognitive functions

The results of some studies, such as in a study published in 2000, indicated the following:

The anthocyanin present in the eggplant peel is a powerful antioxidant that protects the lipids that make up the cell membranes in the brain from oxidation and free radicals, helping to improve the transport of nutrients and waste products to and from the cells.

Anthocyanins prevent nerve infections, facilitate blood flow to the brain, which helps prevent age-related mental disorders, such as Alzheimer’s, and improve memory.

6. The benefits of eggplants for skin and hair

Eating eggplant helps in achieving healthy skin and healthy hair.Let us introduce you to these properties that eggplant can add to you.

Clear Skin: The richness of aubergines in minerals, vitamins and dietary fiber helps maintain the health of the body, which is reflected in the outward appearance of healthy, blemish-free skin.

Freshness and hydration of the skin: thanks to the high water content of aubergines, vitamins and minerals that preserve the hydration and freshness of the skin.

Fighting wrinkles and signs of aging: this is due to the eggplant content, which is a powerful antioxidant that fights free radicals and protects cells.

Keep Hair Healthy: Eggplant contains a group of minerals and vitamins that nourish the scalp and hair roots and maintain and strengthen hair health.

7. The benefits of eggplant for pregnant women

There may be some types of food that it is not advisable to consume during pregnancy because they pose a threat to the health of the fetus, but eggplant is not included in them, indeed, adding it to your daily meal plan can be beneficial for you and your fetus:

Eating eggplant is safe during pregnancy, and adding them to a calculated, healthy pregnancy diet can help you consume a large amount of essential nutrients that your fetus and body need for a healthy pregnancy.

Promotes the growth of the fetus, as a source of vitamins E and C, and of some minerals, such as: magnesium and potassium, important for the growth of the fetus and its cells, it also contains folic acid, which is important for cell growth nervous system in the fetus and to protect it from congenital deformities.

By boosting immunity, it is a source of a number of important antioxidants.

It improves digestion and prevents constipation, as it is a high source of important dietary fiber.

But if you decide to eat eggplant while pregnant, you should consider the following:

Avoid eating fried eggplant, as fried eggplant alone can cause discomfort and lead to satiety or increase symptoms of nausea, acidity and heartburn, so eat it grilled or roasted and use it in healthy recipes like in Baba Ghanoug’s recipe.

Always make sure you wash eggplants well before eating them, to avoid any contamination with any type of microbes, bacteria or dust, as eating any type of vegetable that is not well washed by a pregnant woman can increase the risk of toxoplasmosis infection and premature birth or infection with some serious diseases.

Types of eggplants

There are many types of eggplants, the most famous of which are:

White aubergines: small white aubergines common in Egypt and usually used in makdous and fillings.

Japanese Eggplant: Dark purple eggplant with long thin fruit.

Chinese Eggplants: Similar to Japanese eggplants, except lighter in color.

Thai aubergines: green in color and with a more bitter taste than the others.

Indian eggplant: It has a sweet taste, small fruits and a reddish colour.

American aubergines: with large, dark colored fruits, similar to Italian aubergines.

Nutritional value of eggplants

In aubergines, anthocyanins are responsible for giving it its dark purple colour, and it is usually concentrated in the shell of the aubergines, so it is recommended to leave the peel on and eat it to obtain a high nutritional value, as it is also a rich source of fiber, potassium and magnesium.

How to prepare eggplants

We will look at the following different ways to cook eggplant:

1. Steam cooking

The preparation and cooking method of eggplants plays an important role in increasing or decreasing their nutritional value, it is usually recommended to use steam cooking method as an ideal option to cook eggplants and to keep its high values ​​without any increased fat or calories.

A study published in 2007 found that steaming eggplant increases its binding to bile acids in the body, meaning:

Increases its effectiveness in reducing cholesterol and fat levels in the blood.

Lower risk of heart disease.

2. Grilled aubergines

It is usually recommended to prepare eggplants in healthy ways, including grilling and baking them, as this will help preserve their nutritional values, with fewer calories and fat, making them suitable for all health conditions.

3. Fried eggplant

You may want to avoid using the oil frying method for eggplants when preparing them, especially since eggplant is one of the vegetables that tends to absorb high levels of oil.

The percentage of oil absorbed by the eggplant can be reduced by removing it from the air and water by salting it before frying, leaving it for 30 minutes, and then washing it.

However, in any case, it will absorb a percentage of the oil, which returns us to the box that the frying method is not healthy, and it is preferable to replace it with grilling or baking.

Are there harms and risks in eating eggplants?

Here are some warnings and things you should look out for:

1. Bitter taste

The polyphenols found in eggplant are responsible for its bitter taste, and the higher the levels of this antioxidant, the more bitter the taste.

Scientists hope that in the future, aubergines will be genetically modified so that they retain their nutritional values, but taste better.

2. The effect on iron absorption

Eggplant has been found to contain a chemical compound known as Nasunin, which binds to iron and removes it from cells.

This may benefit those who suffer from problems with increased levels of iron in the body, but it is obviously not recommended for those who suffer from low iron levels, such as in cases of anemia.

3. Increased chances of kidney stones

Eggplant contains oxalate, which contributes to the formation of kidney stones.

And when large amounts of oxalate are eaten, it can lead to kidney disease, which is life-threatening.

Therefore, those prone to kidney stones are advised to avoid foods high in them, including eggplants.

In conclusion, include aubergines in your healthy diet in a balanced way, taking into account the healthy way of preparing them, so as to avoid frying them and focus on adding them raw or grilled. This will go a long way in providing our body with many benefits and antioxidants which enhance our immunity against diseases.

Source: Web Medicine

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