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In 2022, we’ve found a cure for weekend ailments. In 2023, we bring you a little update on the best brunches in the city of Dukes. There will be some from last year, but also some new! 🤩 And for the most greedy, our selection of the best burgers in Nantes is also available for you (by the way, stay tuned for an update of this top, it may appear soon on the site). No more basic brunch and only on Sundays…
We don’t make you wait any longer, here are the best brunch food in Nantes 2023! 👇

Breakfasts and lunches are listed in alphabetical order.

How is coffee?

Breakfasts and lunches

Head to Brazil with Azaï Café for a brunch that might leave you feeling out of place. their brand, acai bowlA healthy and typical Brazilian recipe.
CaliforniaI he Fruit from the Amazon Rich in vitamins, fiber and protein. And of course, you won’t run away from it at this amazing brunch! 🤩
On the menu, avocado toast, acai bowl, fluffy muffins, smoothie of the day and a hot drink of your choice! 🤤

This formula is only available on Saturdays, something to indulge in without waiting for Sunday 😉

Berlin 1989

Breakfasts and lunches

Jotun Morgan Nantes! Just to get you back on your feet after a wild Saturday evening, we’ll meet you at Berlin 1989And every Sunday to the General Frostocri.

Authenticity, 4 lunches to choose from!
FRÜHSTÜCK Maison Claus (German Brunch) : toasted pretzel, bratwurst (white sausage), kartofelsalat, canelpolar (mini brioche rolled with sugar and cinnamon), bircher muesli with honey…
– Top Secret Chirac (French Brunch) : sautéed potatoes with onions, raw smoked ham, camembert, praline roll, homemade french toast, greek yogurt…
– Bosphorus Market (Greek – Turkish Brunch) : feta and mint, roasted peppers, candied eggplant, falafel with cumin, borek (poppy seed filling stuffed with cheese), grain bread …
Moskau Café (Russian Brunch) : poppy seed roll, smoked breast [ou saumon + 1€]Blinys, Babushka Chocolate Cake…

Choose your camp for the specialty that will make you shine with fun on site or to take away 😉 In addition, there are two Berlin 1989 in Nantes!


Breakfasts and lunches

Bailey is the address British that you will love in Nantes. Right in the heart of the city, delicious Salty and sweet brunch The whole weekend! 🤩
A la carte menu, English breakfast, savory croissants with scrambled eggs, sausage rolls, scones, fresh fruit salad, cinnamon bread and many other dishes that are sure to blow your mind!
This eclectic brunch is full of surprises and Flavors to discover 😏

And note that Belizean brunch is Saturday and Sunday!

in Louisette

Breakfasts and lunches

Now go to the restaurant in Louisette For a festive Sunday! in Calm weather And friendly, Take advantage of the beautiful balcony to Gourmet Sunday lunch !
On the menu, a dish to choose from three dishes, vegetable, meat and iodized! A sweet dish with, among other things, croissants, pancakes and homemade spread … and at the end, juice and a hot drink of your choice! 🔥

Something to treat you every Sunday!


Breakfasts and lunches

Handy is the coffee shop that serves you breakfast and lunch 5 days a week!
Can you imagine being able to enjoy brunch all week?! It is possible now 🤩
In addition to kefir throughout the week, you have a wide selection of dishes, savory and / or sweet, for young and old.
Kids menu, pancakes, eggs, smoked breast, hot drinks, vegetables…and much more 😍

Handy is the little corner of heaven for all the brunch lovers, like us 😏


Breakfasts and lunches
Nantes relatives

If you love them cafe in Anglo-Saxon styleThen you will love kinfolk ! In a relaxed and friendly atmosphere, you can come and taste a Delicious English brunch And also enjoy an all-you-can-eat sweet buffet! If this isn’t incitement to binge, I don’t know what is 😍
You will definitely fall in love with their grilled cheese Bun or boiled egg Accompanied by delicious mullet grains … We leave you a little surprised and discover the menu for yourself, but know that we have already conquered!

Lunch available every Saturday!

My mother’s children

Breakfasts and lunches

If this name is familiar to you, then naturally, we have already told you about this restaurant in our selection of unusual restaurants in Nantes! Today, we’re restarting it but it’s for the good cause, brunch
If you miss Sunday brunch at mom’s, this is the answer! My mother’s sons Make a Sunday brunch to-die-for in these adorable childhood decor. Pancakes, cottage cheese and even croque madame, they’ll all be there for your Sunday brunch! And for the early risers, ‘lunch’ awaits with salmon toast, fruit juice or even brioche.

A tasting moment to share every Sunday!


Breakfasts and lunches

An Ile de Nantes brunch not to be missed on Sundays: Zed’s masterpieces. The restaurant will serve you cheese, fruit juices, charcuterie… and even mini burgers! 100% homemade formula made on site by our bakers and chefs.

Don’t forget to book if you want to enjoy it with your loved ones 😉


Breakfasts and lunches
big city life

Magmaa, Nantes’ first food hall, has prepared a new show this season, brunch! If you want to spend a cold day in a nice and friendly place without worrying about the passing of time, this offer is made for you.
Ayta! and a 100% South American brunch.
French Touch and her English lunch
Töste and gourmet brunch
Patty and Her American Lunch

Many brunches gathered in the same place, dream! 🤩

Melbourne Café

Breakfasts and lunches

Melbourne Café offers you a wide range of options for brunch to enjoy without moderation and every day!
On the menu are egg muffin, vegetable salad, grilled toast, granola bowl, porridge, and so much more!
There is something for everyone and in addition you can make your own small brunch with the a la carte offerings 🤩

To make you want, here’s our full brunch menu 👇

pain bar

Breakfasts and lunches

At Painbar, brunch is served as a set menu or a la carte! What do you enjoy what you want!
And one thing is for sure, there are a lot of options 😍
Sandwiches, juices, hot drinks, desserts, formulas… There is everything you need to have fun with family or friends!

A little bit of that brunch? The bread is home made and only the products of the region 😉

Table’o Gourmand

Breakfasts and lunches

To finish off this brunch selection, go to Tabl’o Gourmand! Here, we don’t just brunch on the weekends, but all week (except Wednesday)! Sweet or savory lunch or both at the same time (and yes, we think of you, a little flavor behind the screen) allow yourself to be tempted by pancakes, yogurt with granola and fruit, salty toast, smoothies and other hot drinks to keep you happy. We won’t tell you more and let you discover the whole map right away 👇

For weekend brunch, remember to book! 🤤

This is our pick for 2023! If we’ve forgotten your favorite brunch, feel free to tell us about it on Big City Life’s facebook and instagram! 😄


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