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countryMany athletes consume beetroot juice because it is a nitrate-rich food that helps them improve their performance. It has long been proven that nitrates have a positive effect on physical performance, and beets contain plenty of them. Therefore, many athletes are accustomed to eating this food, especially in the form of juice.

Below, the “Borqua Doctor” website talked about the benefits of beets, how they can be eaten and whether there are any side effects when consuming them.

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Scientifically Proven Benefits of Beets

From what I translatedcountryIn 2009, researchers from the University of Exeter (United Kingdom) tested beetroot juice on athletes and discovered that this substance allows them to better oxygenate their muscles. This is because nitrate is converted by bacteria in the mouth into nitrite, which is then converted into nitric oxide. This, in turn, causes the blood vessels to dilate, which helps lower blood pressure, thereby increasing blood flow and improving the perfusion of the heart.

beet juice
beet juice

Two years later, the same researchers demonstrated that beetroot juice increased endurance athletes by 16%. In addition, it improves the rate of oxygenation by 16% for 30 minutes.

Then other research showed that performance and strength improved by about 1% in trained cyclists who ran a 10k race and drank beet juice for six days. In addition, a study conducted by researchers from the University of Saint Louis (USA) showed that eating 200 grams of cooked beets helped eleven untrained runners run at a speed of 5 kilometers.

Finally, in 2015, scientists from the Washington University of Medicine (USA) demonstrated the beneficial effects of nitrates present in beets in patients suffering from heart failure. Additionally, two hours after nine participants with the disease received beet juice treatment, they were able to perform faster movements.

In addition, beetroot is very rich in antioxidants, so it can help athletes train more intensely. It is also a vegetable rich in vitamins A, B and C, and it contains iron as well as some calcium and folic acid, which helps stabilize the level of iron in the blood of athletes who sometimes suffer of a deficiency.

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In what form should beets be consumed to maximize their physique?

In order to consume enough nitrates to improve athletic performance, you need to eat plenty of beets. So it seems easier to take it in the form of juice. The latter must be homemade (here are some recipes). Be careful not to take synthetic supplements that claim to contain the same active ingredients.

Beets are good for athletes
Beets are good for athletes

If you are preparing for a competition, drink 500 ml of beetroot juice during the previous 6 days. On the day of the competition, take the drink two and a half hours before it starts; This is when the nitrite concentrate is ready to turn into nitric oxide.

However, to avoid stomach surprises, it is better to get used to beet juice before the competition and not consume it all the time. To best preserve the benefits over time, completely stop drinking beetroot juice for a week or two before starting again.

Possible side effects of beets

As with all foods, excessive consumption of beets can have adverse health effects. Beets in particular contain flavonoids, such as anthocyanins, which are responsible for hyperpigmentation. Too many beets can also lead to kidney complications. In fact, excessive consumption can reduce calcium absorption levels, thereby increasing the formation of kidney stones.

Beets are rich in nitrates
Beets are rich in nitrates

Therefore, patients with kidney failure should not take it. It is also not recommended for patients with hemochromatosis and Wilson’s disease, which are respectively associated with excess iron and copper found in large amounts in beets. Finally, beets are rich in betaine, a plant substance that increases cholesterol levels when it interacts with folic acid and vitamins. Therefore, eating beets is not recommended for obese people.

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