All winners of Surra 2023 competitions


Japan wins the World Cup of Desserts

  • Gold: Japan, represented by Mu Takahashi (chocolate), Naritoshi Suzuka (sugar), Yusaku Shibata (ice cream)
  • Silver: France, represented by Georges Kosanas (chocolate), Jeremy Massing (sugar), Jana Lai (ice cream)
  • Bronze: Italy, represented by Jacopo Zorzi (chocolate), Alessandro Pettito (sugar), Martina Brachetti (ice cream)

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Franche-Comté wins the French Bakery Cup

  • Gold Medal: Bourgogne-Franche-Comté 1
  • Silver: Bourgogne-Franche-Comté 2
  • Bronze medal: Occitania 2

Diane Blanche wins the Maître d’Hôtel Award

Biography of Butler Diane Blanche
Diane Blanche – Maître d’Hôtel Trophy – Sirha 2023. © Hugo Tordjman
  • Gold: Diane Blanch (Butler at the Chateau Beau Rivage in Lausanne, Restaurant Anne-Sophie Pic)
  • Silver: Tess Constant (Butler at Maison Troisgros in Ouches)
  • Bronze: Emilie Saint Quentin (butler at Anne de Bretagne Restaurant in La Plaine-sur-Mer)

Julien Chauvenet, World Burger Contest winner

  • Gold Medal: Julien Chauvigny
  • Silver Medal: Louis Gautier-Liebres
  • Bronze Medal: Lionel Ravel

The Gargantua of Hauts-de-France

Thibaut Tenvin David Rose
Thibaut Tanvin and David Rose, winners of the Gargantua in Her Secret 2023 competition. © Alex Gallosi

This trophy rewards the best community cook under direct management in France.

  • Gold Medal: Hauts-de-France (David Rose and Thibaut Tanfin)
  • Silver: Ile-de-France (Camille Douen and Marco Baeza)
  • Bronze: Occitani (Stephane Pommard and Nawab Mohamed)

International Catering Cup: USA crowned

  • Gold medal: United States
  • Silver medal: France
  • Bronze medal: Czech Republic

Adi Menon wins the Alpro Latte Art Challenge

Alpro Latte Arte Sarra Challenge 2023
Alpro Latte Art Challenge Sirha 2023. © Hugo Tordjman
  • Gold Medal: Adi Menon
  • Silver medal: Marine Fedot
  • Bronze Medal: Chris Antoine

Kevin Di Sarno wins the Écaille d’Or competition

The competition judges the presentation and preparation of the seafood dish.

  • Gold Medal: Kevin Di Sarno
  • Silver medal: Clément Marandon
  • Bronze Medal: Jeremy Roby

Romain Barrow wins the Golden Fish competition

This competition governs the preparation and presentation of many fish to be processed.

  • Gold Medal: Romain Baru
  • Silver Medal: Sandy Raffray
  • Bronze Medal: Olali Ross

Bruno Lucien, winner of the French Neapolitan Pizza Championship

  • Gold Medal: Bruno Lucien
  • Silver Medal: Philippe Largue
  • Bronze Medal: Clemente Mele

European Technical Sugar Championship:

  • Gold Medal: Thomas Mahe
  • Silver medal: Raimundo Esposito
  • Bronze Medal: Maël Touvenin

The Flexitarian contest was won by Tanguy Escandile and J Barbin

Surha Flexible Competition 2023
Flexible competition – the secret of 2023. © Hugo Tordjman

The Flexitarian Competition sees eight teams of an artisan butcher and a cook compete against each other, who will have to show creativity to come up with interesting combinations of meat and vegetables.

  • Gold Medal: Tanguy Escandel and Guy Barbin
  • Silver: Damien Pinault and Stephane Vonlaubet
  • Bronze Medal: Thomas Cuse and Flavian Carocci

Dorian Pratt leaves with the Coupe de France des Fromagers

  • Gold Medal: Dorian Pratt
  • Silver Medal: Antoine Abellan
  • Bronze Medal: Jonathan Zedko

Brice Robin is the new French Barista Champion

This competition allows you to qualify for the world championship: the World Barista Championship.

  • Gold Medal: Bryce Rubin
  • Silver: Tom Ballerin
  • Bronze Medal: Marie Bicouch

European Butcher Competition: Nolwenn Coureau and Paolo Desbois each receive an award

  • Gold Medal: Nolwenn Coureau and Paolo Desbois
  • Silver: Alban Fillion and Patrick Larbe
  • Bronze Medal: Monia Andreoni and Maggie Yuri

Charlene Cabioche wins the French Coffee Championship at Good Spirits

Coffee Championship in Good Spirit 2023
Coffee in a good spirit in its secret 2023. © Delphine Denans

This challenge features innovative drink recipes featuring coffee and spirits.

  • Gold Medal: Charlene Cabioche
  • Silver medal: Alexis Vigne
  • Bronze Medal: Imad Hashad

The Cheese & Chef award goes to Simon Miguet and Mirto Marchesi

  • Gold Medal: Simone Mejit and Myrto Marchesi
  • Silver: Charlotte Petit Jean and Thierry Capucci
  • Bronze: Celia Desperiers and Roderick Verne

Pierre de Chanterac is the new French Chessy/Ebreque Champion

The event rewards coffee with Cezve or Ibrik to celebrate cultural traditions.

  • Gold Medal: Pierre de Chanterac
  • Silver Medal: Louay Zaidan
  • Bronze Medal: Elias Sfeir

food of the future

This award rewards committed, responsible and innovative “food entrepreneurs”.

  • 1Verse Planting Prize: Juliette Mauduit (La Ferme sans nom)
  • 1Verse Expertise Award: Armand Hurault (Director of the Festin Association) and Carole Guillerm (Les Beaux Mets restaurant for the social reintegration of prisoners)
  • 1Verse Innovation Award: “à Bout” (General Manager: Jan Breaux)
  • Reconversion Award: Baston Restaurant by Julien Borie (Co-Founder)
  • Solidarity Award: Restaurant République (Sébastien Richard and Sylvain Martin)

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