The departure of the chosen Mauritanian scholar Ould Bah, first director of Moroccan Radio

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Elaf of RabatLast Sunday, in Nouakchott, the Mauritanian scholar and writer, Muhammad al-Mukhtar Ould Abbah, died after an urgent health problem, at the age of 98.
Social media filled with expressions of pain, accompanied by testimonials confirming the brand value of Jalil, a great thinker and writer, composed of intellectuals and actors in more than one field and from more than one country, who stood out for his great success and unique experience, emphasizing that his departure is a great loss for the country of Chinguetti, for the Great Maghreb and for the Islamic world and spoke of the disappearance of one of the greatest among those who gave birth to Mauritania, the Doha descendant of knowledge and justice.
And the Mauritanian Ministry of Health account, on Facebook, published a condolence, which reads: “The Minister of Health, Mokhtar Ould Dahi, on behalf of himself and all workers in the sector, extends his sincere condolences and solidarity with the family of the scholar Muhammad Al-Mokhtar Ould Baha, may God have mercy on him, who was the first to take over the portfolio of the Ministry of Health as it was assigned to him in March 1957, after which he held the position of Minister of National, and has successfully supervised and managed and distinguished several dossiers in education, parliamentary work and representation of the country in regional and international organizations and bodies. to bless the deceased with an abundance of his mercy, dwell in him in his extensive gardens, and inspire patience and comfort in all his lovers, friends and acquaintances scents.
And the Mauritanian health minister had mourned the late, on his Facebook account, where he wrote: “I testify that he died with a smile and a clear face, present in the mind. His health conditions and the consultation with the doctors and the family about what was needed, so he greeted us with a radiant face, and the president’s greeting was better than that, and he reassured us of his health conditions, just as Professor Ahmed Weld Ubb announced the lightness of the malaise . .”
The reactions to the death of his father’s son showed that “it is not only Mauritania that has lost today a great man and an esteemed scholar, but also Morocco and the entire Maghreb,” as Moroccan journalist Hassan Laassibi wrote, under the headline: “A man of the great men of Mauritania is leaving.”
Laassibi said, in a post on his Facebook account, “Yesterday, the great Mauritanian scholar Dr Muhammad al-Mukhtar Ould Baha left the world of people to visit our North African countries, one of its great writers and thinkers, which has occupied the world and people for more than 70 years.” Among his latest publications is his book, the masterpiece “A journey with life”, published by the Cultural Center for Books of Beirut and Casablanca , and was one of the best-selling books during last year’s Rabat International Book Fair. Morocco since the 1950s, because he was one of the Mauritanian men who triumphed early in the close relations between Morocco and Mauritania, and who was one of the great cadres who joined Morocco during the reign of the national king Mohammed V. May God have mercy of him, together with Val Ould Omair and Mokhtar Ould Dada (and was the owner of the idea of ​​​​the “United Kingdom of Morocco” in the late fifties of the last century, with the same weight as the “United Kingdom of England”, in its ambition to include Morocco and French-occupied Mo Retania and Spanish-occupied Sahara). And how he was at one point appointed director of Moroccan radio and was given a mission to the royal court before being made a leading professor at Dar Al-Hadith Al-Hasaniya. Just as he held important international positions in the Arab and Islamic world within the institutions of the Organization of the Islamic Conference, becoming one of the noble figures who completed the project of modernization and organization of the educational system in Mauritania, once he returned to his country (and getting through the political ordeal stage and the stages of detention). Among the finest things the man experienced was his passion to learn to fly, as he would obtain a license to fly small civilian aircraft, and strive to own his own small aircraft which he flew himself.
The Moroccan researcher, Youssef Nauri, wrote: “The researchers and the academic professor, Dr. Muhammad al-Mukhtar, born his father, are under the protection of God. May God have mercy on him and grant him grace and benevolence for the research and writings he presented in the sciences The love of their texts.
The deceased was born in 1924, at “Botmlett”, to an old family, noted for science and high rank. After a school career, the deceased will deal with education in 1948. He will also be active in political work within the “Ennahda” party against French colonialism in Mauritania, to be appointed Minister of Health in the first government in 1957, then Minister of ‘Instruction.
The last leftist writings and books that summarize an aspect of his journey and his experience, including “translating the meanings of the Noble Koran into the French language”, “in the procession of the biography of the Prophet”, “the history of readings in the East and the West”, “the history of Arabic grammar in the East and in the West”, and “Poetry and poets in Mauritania”, “Introduction to the foundations of Maliki jurisprudence”, “Introduction to the foundations of religion”, “History of Islamic legislation in Mauritania”, “Introduction to Mauritanian Literature” and “Examples of Readings from the People of Medina”, AND “On the Way to Islam: Poems in the French Language”, “Poems and Poets from France: Translations and Interpretations”, “A Summary of Evidence: Compendium of Evidence: Compilation of Evidence for the Book of Al-Muwatta”, “The Book of Abstraction in Ahkam Al-Tamheed” and “Islamic education between ancient and modern” and “A journey with Arabic poetry.” He also published, before his mo rte, his memoirs, under the title “A journey with life”, which included pages of his personal recollections at different levels, social, psychological, academic and political.




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