How did dwarfism lead to the death of Saudi YouTuber Aziz Al-Ahmad?

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Saudi YouTuber Aziz Al-Ahmad died last Thursday, aged 27, of dwarfism, following a lack of growth hormone. Al-Ahmad procured medicine to live with the disease. ?

In the following report, “The Consulto” reviews the causes of death of Saudi YouTuber Aziz Al-Ahmad, according to the American Endocrine Association and the sites “Cleveland Clinic” and “kids health”.

What is growth hormone deficiency?

The body does not produce enough growth hormone called “GH”. Growth hormone is a substance that controls the growth of children. Stunting is a rare condition that affects 1 in 4 in 10,000 children.

This hormone is made by the pituitary gland, which is a small gland located between the lobes of the brain. This hormone is necessary for normal child growth, muscle and bone strength, the breakdown of body fat, as well as to glycemic control. hormone levels in the body causes short stature; Affected children are much smaller than their peers of the same age and gender.

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Types of growth hormone deficiency

Congenital growth hormone deficiency

Some babies are born with this type. They may also have problems with other hormones. Although born with this condition, some babies seem to develop normally until they are 6 to 12 months old.

Acquired growth hormone deficiency

It happens when the body stops producing enough growth hormone to grow normally, and it can start anytime in childhood.

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Symptoms of growth hormone deficiency

Growth hormone deficiency can cause the following:

Short stature is one of the most obvious symptoms.

Late teething.

Muscular weakness.

– Increased risk of fractures.

Increased fat distribution with increased waist weight.

Smaller genitalia than other children, especially those with both diabetes and pituitary hormone deficiency.

Low blood sugar in newborns and young children.

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Causes of growth hormone deficiency

There is no specific reason for children to suffer from growth hormone deficiency, but it most often occurs due to disorders of the pituitary gland or parts of the brain close to the pituitary gland. following can be one of them:

Brain tumors.

Head injuries.

Cerebral radiotherapy.

Diagnosis of Growth Hormone Infection

1- Blood tests

There are no easy tests to measure growth hormone levels because it is an undetectable stimulant, but doctors look at the levels of two proteins that have more stable levels and indicate growth hormone function. ‘growth hormone :

IGF-I or insulin-like growth factor I test.

IGFPB-3 or insulin-like growth factor binding protein-3 test.

2- X-ray images of bone age

These images reveal whether the child’s bone age is much younger than their actual age, by photographing the bones of the hands and wrists, and comparing the results to the bones of other children of the same age.

3- Growth hormone stimulation test

The doctor will give the child a drug that causes the body to produce an increase in growth hormone, then draw blood at several different times to check the levels of growth hormone in order to detect the spike in growth. hormone.Your child will need to fast by not eating or drinking anything for a certain number of hours The results indicate This test indicates lower levels of growth.

4- Magnetic resonance imaging of the brain

A detailed image of the brain helps doctors see if there is a problem with the pituitary gland or the brain that may be causing growth hormone deficiency.

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Treatment of growth hormone deficiency

Treatment involves daily doses of growth hormone. Treatment is usually continued until full growth in late adolescence. The treatment causes some side effects such as:

– Headache.

Blurred vision.

– Lameness.


Sleep Apnea Upper airway obstruction occurs during sleep.

Complications of growth hormone deficiency

Short children are more likely to develop heart disease and stroke, and blindness and osteoporosis are more likely for short children with diabetes.

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Does growth hormone deficiency lead to premature death?

The results of a study published in the Journal of Endocrinology “JCEM” revealed that pituitary insufficiency and growth hormone deficiency can affect the incidence of cardiovascular disease and therefore early death and shorter lifespan in the people affected.

Ways to Prevent Complications of Growth Hormone Deficiency

Doctors recommend:

Get prescribed medication.

Regular follow-up with the doctor.

Adopting a healthy lifestyle can reduce the risk of complications.

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