A tribute and a passage of honor to the mother of Mohamed Abdel Wahhab in “Captain Egypt”

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The ninth episode of the “Captain Egypt” program, that of Thursday evening, conducted by the United Media Services Company through the “ON” channels, in collaboration with the Ministry of Youth and Sports, saw many surprises.

The competition raged between the youth teams, each of which made great efforts to achieve victory, with the approach of the program continuing to focus on the human aspect during the episodes, in addition to the visit of some football stars to the players participants, to give them a summary of their experiences and skills.

Withdrawal of mobile phones from competitors.. and hosting by the owner of “Al-Hadaf Al-Trend”

The episode began with a video report, during which the staff revealed that the contestants’ cell phones had been withdrawn, to give them an opportunity to concentrate, which came as a shock to some of them at first. , before realizing that this measure was in their favor.

Dr. Rasha El-Gendy, an expert in psychology, said that mobile phones have been withdrawn by competitors gradually, according to the rules of psychology, providing alternatives such as their favorite entertainment, which greatly affected their psychological states.

Alicia Yancon, the daughter of Michelle Yancon, the goalkeeping coach of Al-Ahly football club, continued to participate in the episode presentation, and she and the staff carried out a humanitarian plea for player Mohamed Ashraf, one of the talents of the “Captain Egypt” Program, who asked to celebrate his mother’s birthday.

Guards coach Al-Ahly’s daughter went to the player’s home, met her mother and gave her a “cake” to celebrate her birthday, then made a “video call” between the player and his mother to home, to share with her the celebration that took place in an atmosphere of joy and happiness.

The ninth episode hosted Mohamed Michael, owner of the famous goal he scored during a match in popular stadiums, which has recently become a “trend” on social media.

“Michael” said in an interview with Lina Al-Tahtawy, host of “Captain Egypt”: “I was a goalkeeper until the age of 15, they resembled me with Peter Schmeichel, the legendary goalkeeper, up to the form and all hair was close to him, and my name remained Muhammad Michael. But I also knew how to play spearhead and I decided to leave the goalkeeper.

He added about his “trend” goal: “The tour that became famous, my team and I agreed, and we repeat this phrase often, but this time the difference was that it was a double cake, and I don’t I knew I was imagining it, and I didn’t expect it to spread like this.”

And he continued: “I’m 29 years old, and may God honor me with a performance like this, even if I haven’t reached the need in football.” the stars participating in the program.

‘Abu Jarisha’ leads the pack by defeating ‘Abdul Wahhab’

The episode saw intense competition between the players of the “Muhammad Abdel Wahhab” and “Ali Abu Jarisha” teams, and technically a state of enthusiasm prevailed, which reached the point of nervousness between the captain Muhammad Al- Yamani, mad at his team captain for wasting him alone during the match, and not shooting directly on goal. .

The match ended in a draw and the coaches began choosing candidates for the penalty shoot-out, and the mother of captain Mohamed Abdel-Wahhab was keen to support the team named after her son before paying.

Muhammad Abdel-Wahhab’s mother took the field, accompanied by coach Sarah Hassanein, and told the players: “You were men, but I want you to do what you have to do for the spirit of Captain Muhammad. If you win, dedicate the victory to the spirit of Mohammed, and if not, then you played like men.”

“Abu Jarisha’s” team defeated “Mohamed Abdel Wahhab’s” team, 5 goals to 4, and captain Sarah Hassanein finally decided to exclude Ahmed Essam and Mazen Ahmed, who left in tears.

Captain Ahmed Hossam “Mido” awarded the golden badge to player “Zizou” of team “Abu Jarisha” and player Muhammad Mandi of team “Mohamed Abdel Wahhab”, and gave them advice, in which he said: ” All the senior players experienced difficult situations when they were young and when they got older they came in.” around you who support you and give you the right advice.

With this result, the team of Captain “Abu Jarisha”, led by Captain Muhammad Al-Yamani, topped the group with 4 points, after winning two consecutive times in penalty shootout, according to the tournament system, while Muhammad Abdel – Wahhab were within two points even after winning just one penalty kick.

“Mido” advises young people: “Take advantage of every opportunity and don’t be afraid”.

The episode hosted the star Ahmed Hossam “Mido”, the player of the Zamalek club and of many European teams and the former Egyptian national team, who entered carrying several balls, in the midst of a large party of young players.

Mido asked about the player Adham, who had recently fallen ill, and surprised him by bringing his family to him and taking some commemorative photos with them, asking all the players to concentrate on the tournament and to listen carefully to the coaches’ instructions.

The former Marseille, Roma and Tottenham star praised captain Mohamed Al-Yamani, whom he considered a world-class player, and captain Sarah Hassanein, the technical managers of the two teams competing in the episode.

Mido gave advice to young people, in which she said, “All of our lives started with an opportunity, and we were young. We didn’t know it was the opportunity of our lifetime. Today could be the day your life changes.” The best thing is to use the opportunity without fear.

And he added, “Play and be simple, and you won’t know how to do it while you’re scared. All the great players weren’t scared when they were young, and each one dies alone and shows his fearless potential.”

The episode saw a very strong competition between the two teams, “Muhammad Abdel-Wahhab”, led by Captain Sarah Hassanein, and “Ali Abu Jarisha”, led by Captain Muhammad Al-Yamani, for the top of the second group, after each of them won their first match on penalties and took two points at the top of their group, according to the tournament system.

The episode saw a happy surprise for the players, represented by the presence of the mother of Captain Mohamed Abdel-Wahhab, a late player of Al-Ahly club, who took the field with Captain Ahmed Hossam “Mido”, and shook the hand to the players of the two teams who were standing in a hall of honor for her, to the applause of the audience, “Abdul-Wahhab is in heaven.”

All the formers were eager to receive Abdel Wahhab’s mother and kiss her head. The mother of the late captain greeted the two teams saying: “God grant you success and peace. I am very happy that you always remember Muhammad and honor him, and there is also a team in his name, and that makes me happy, of course, and I came to Fayoum to see them.

And he added: “The young are like the good, and may God grant them success, good men and children, and may God protect all the youth of Egypt, and they play sports, work, exert themselves, and keep away from anything monstrous, and each one works, each in his place”.








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