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Utilizing health insurance coverage for an approved spa treatment (excluding accommodation) requires a prescription from a general practitioner or specialist.

THALASSO CONCARNEAU (Finistère): reconnect

Since our body does not have the same needs depending on the time of year, the Seasons Energy Program is based on the principles of Chinese medicine. On the menu: meridian massages and microdermabrasion to relieve stress, thalassotherapy treatments (remineralization and relaxation, hydromassage pool, relaxing sea rain, etc.) to recharge the body and wellness sessions (self-massage, relaxation with Tibetan bowls, qi gong) to do yourself a favor.

do not miss : 60-minute signature energy massage.

the prices : 6 days / 6 nights **** double room, half board, from € 1,697 / person.

special offer France Dimanche readers benefit from a 15% discount for reservations made before February 8th for five or six days of treatment, with accommodation in a standard double room.

■ or tel. 02 98 10 90 54

EMERIA DINARD HOTEL THALASSO & SPA IN DINARD (Ille-et-Vilaine): reconstructive nights

Learning to relax and regulate your biological clock is what the Sea of ​​Sleep treatment offers, designed with the support of the Sleep Center at the Hôtel-Dieu in Paris. After an appointment with an expert, eight thalassotherapy treatments and massages (Zen, cranial, water relaxation) are recommended, along with gentle activities in a warm seawater pool. Five philosophizing sessions, three kanso bowl arch massages and five sessions of luxury therapy (light therapy) in the room complete the regimen.

do not miss : immersive relaxation sessions in virtual reality where your senses (visual, auditory and olfactory) are sought to promote calming of body and mind.

the prices : from 1,743 euros, 6 days and 24 treatments, half board.

special offer Until February 13, 2023, with the code “France Dimanche”, get – 25% on a 2-night thalassotherapy stay and 2-day treatment (Thermies offer) with a personal welcome in your room.

■ or tel. 02 99 16 78 10.

CABOURG THALAZUR CENTER (Calvados): World Health


Yes, it is possible to influence your genes, epigenetics proves. To achieve this and enhance your health, five pillars emerge: a balanced diet, adequate physical activity, and better stress management, all while maintaining a friendly social and emotional network where fun is omnipresent. With 24 treatments over six days, epigenetic therapy thus combines its principles: remineralizing baths and wraps, strology and hydropower sessions, meetings with a nutritionist, as well as a relaxing massage.

do not miss : 1 hour oxygenated walking session on the beach with sticks.

the prices : from 1075.20 € for 24 treatments over 6 days.

special offer Discounts of up to 25% are offered on all types of stays at Thermalase Trade Fair, from 19th to 31st January.

■ or tel. 01 48 88 89 90.

Instituto Banyol-sur-Mer Thalasso (Pyrenees Orientales): Mobility

On the Côte Vermeille on the Spanish border, the seaside facility offers a method that combines the therapeutic benefits of water with an exclusive physiotherapy technology. The Relax and Amplitude treatment includes three Water Dream or Aqua Elastic sessions that provide reduction of spasticity and muscle tension, analgesic and anti-inflammatory action, better joint capacity and improved coordination and balance. In addition, six thalassotherapy treatments are planned: two different massages, two seaweed and sea mud wraps, and two hydromassage baths with sea crystals.

do not miss : Marine Magnesium Oil that effectively penetrates the skin and reaches deficient and painful areas of the body, with its effects on stress, sleep disorders, joint and muscle pain.

the prices : thalasso side, a new treatment of relaxation and capacity, 6 nights on half board 1429 euros

special offer Every Wednesday of the month for a week, discover exclusive offers on the site.



On the Pink Granite Coast, nothing beats the energy of Breton Sea spray to recharge your batteries. At Maison Roz Marine (the new name for marine thermal baths), the four- or six-day Land and Sea Immersion combines three daily remineralizing treatments (seaweed or mud wraps, massages, and jets) with targeted exercises, such as along the coast to improve heart health. and cardiovascular, nordic walking on the boardwalk, rowing and yoga to strengthen your balance and work gently.

do not miss The Celtic cycle allows for the elimination of toxins, relaxation of muscles, stimulation of immune defenses, relaxation of the mind, improvement of sleep, lowering of blood pressure, production of endorphins, and loss of calories.

the prices : from € 1,140, ​​€ 1,926 with board and half board.


EVAUX-LES-BAINS THERMES (Creuse): Pain reliever

© Ludovic Combe

The high lithium content in the hot springs has a relaxing and anti-inflammatory effect that is ideal for people suffering from rheumatism, fibromyalgia, osteoporosis or trauma-related consequences. Compresses, a steam bath, steam rooms, hydromassage and a jet shower contribute to relaxation and movement. In these Roman baths it is possible to choose treatments in phlebology and gynecology, and 60% of spa guests follow a double course.

do not miss : A soothing and anti-inflammatory shower with turpentine essence, a mixture of thermal water and notes of pine wood, spray on your skin.

the prices : Freedom week with 24 spa treatments, €299 without accommodation. Fi bromyalgia package 327 euros. Possibility of approved treatment.

special offer For France Dimanche readers, – 25% on wellness services (Evahona treatment card) + thermal detection offer (4 treatments).


THERMES DE MOLITG-LESBAINS (Pyrénées-Orientales): Dermatology

© Marielsa_NIELS

An alternative to cortisone, Mullite Water (38 ° C), rich in regenerative thermoplankton, fluorine, silica and trace elements, has an effect on muscle and joint pain, but also on mucous membranes damaged by dermatitis, eczema, psoriasis or burns. Targeted sprays, massages, baths, showers, and jets soothe and restore damaged mucous membranes.

do not miss : the string shower whose exfoliation also promotes circulation and improves tissue oxygenation; And apply fresh plankton thermal, an exclusive treatment rich in vitamins, minerals and trace elements with healing and revitalizing powers.

the prices : an agreed-upon treatment of 18 days (72 treatments); or free from 5 days (4 to 6 treatments per day depending on the profile): 350 € (extra day: 50 €).

■ molitg-les-bains



The benefits of the waters of the first French plant specialized in neurological diseases are recognized. Their analgesic effect is combined with a tonic effect at the muscular level, regulating the central and peripheral nervous system. Heat treatments and mobilization in the pool increased motor skills and reduced pain by 18%, on average. A review after nine months showed that nearly two-thirds of patients reported an increased level of daily activities and that they slept better.

do not miss : a music therapy session to learn how to manage pain and fatigue.

■ Prices : neurological treatment, from 614.94 euros; Neurology and Rheumatology, from € 907.76; Parkinson’s or Charcot, 773.94 euros. 18 days.

special offer : 10% discount on free treatment booked without accommodation or 15% with accommodation, including accompanying person.

■ lamalou-les-bains

Thermes d’Allevard (ISER): Long Covid

© Michael Moliere

Digestive disorders, loss or distortion of taste and smell, nutritional imbalance, fatigue, chronic pain, anxiety … In the face of these symptoms that can appear after infection with Covid-19, Allevard Thermal Baths has designed a specific program, developed with Doctor Claire Krakowski, a pulmonologist at the University Hospital of Grenoble, is involved in the research against the virus. During an interview with a doctor and a nutritionist, the six spa treatments are selected as well as two group nutrition workshops, four sessions of gentle, gradual physical activity and one of mindful meditation.

do not miss : Reducing snacking workshop, to understand the mechanisms of food association and emotion management.

■ Prices : from €725 excluding accommodation, only available for starts on April 10th, May 22nd, July 24th, October 9th.



Almost one in two French people (47%) are overweight or obese. In addition to the classical treatment, the thermal baths of Eugénieles-Bains have set up a therapeutic educational program entitled “Obesity and the Metabolic Syndrome”. For three weeks, spa guests can take advantage of nutritional workshops, eleven group sports training sessions, three cooking workshops, three individual nutritional assessments, and a workshop to return to modified efforts. In the end, the participants could stay in touch with the dieticians.

an average 209 euros not covered by the health insurance, plus a treatment for rheumatic or metabolic diseases that can be approved.


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Thermals Lounge

The annual unmissable event to discover the therapies, treatments and specialties of each establishment will take place at the Carrousel du Louvre in Paris from January 19-22, and then at La Sucrière in Lyon from February 14-16.

an average : 10 euros, free invitation to download at

Exhibition of well-being and alternative medicine It will take place in Paris, Porte de Versailles, from February 2 to 6; in Marseilles at Parc Chanot, from 3rd to 5th March; and at Lyon Eurexpo March 24-26.

an average : 8 euros, free invitation to download at

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