How do you treat a cold sore that has already appeared?


Oral herpes is characterized by a painful cold sore. It leads to the formation of vesicles and then crusts, the treatment of which can be favored by some means: creams, toothpaste, essential oils, etc.

pressureAnd Tiredexposure to the cold Or in the sun … and Oral herpes virus activates. Numbness, vesicles;And Peel : the The cold sore is back. If not there A miracle cure to keep him from coming out where is the It disappears overnightHowever, there are solutions to slow its progression and speed up recovery.

What is a cold sore?

A cold sore is a small pimple or group of blisters, usually found at the junction between the lining of the lips and the skin of the face. Apart from its unsightly appearance, it is benign, but contamination is common if it flares up. Around 7 million French people are affected with this disease.

What causes cold sores?

Also called herpes labialis, a cold sore corresponds to a skin attack caused by Herpes simplex virus 1 (HSV1). usually contracted during childhoodThis initial infection goes unnoticed at first because the virus sleeps. “In the event of certain factors such as stress, menstruation, fever, prolonged exposure to the sun or fatigue, the virus becomes active, multiplies and causes a lesion on the surface of the skin.” explains Dr. Nina Ross, a dermatologist in Paris. Oral herpes is known as a “cold sore” because it manifests itself in the form of small vesicles in which the virus is contained. Generally, it is accompanied by a moderate rise in body temperature. Highly contagious, it must be treated locally.

What creams are placed on the cold sore?

the The reference treatment is antiviralsx. For topical use, they work on the herpes simplex virus that causes cold sores by preventing its reproduction. Their effects: hmm Reducing the time of infection, shortening the spread of the disease and reducing its severity. local remedies herpes virus cannot be eliminated, Avoid repeating or recurring episodes. Treatments should be topical Use as early as possible at the first signs Leading before the appearance of blisters: a burning sensation, tightness and tingling in the lips. They are ineffective if used too late, when a crust appears at the time of healing. “they to use it for about a week, until the crusts appear., says Dr. rus. It is necessary to discontinue topical treatment if lesions worsen or do not heal after 10 days of development. In all these cases, you should consult your pharmacist or doctor. Two main treatments:

Aciclovir 5% cream

Do not use in children under 6 years of age. Do not put in the eyes, mouth, or vagina. Apply the cream a few times a day and feel free to overflow around the lesion. Wash your hands before and after each application to avoid infection. These creams are not reimbursed by Social Security.

Tearing of the crust delays healing

Penciclovir 1% cream

Do not use in children under 15 years of age. Do not put in the eyes, mouth, or vagina. Apply the cream several times a day, flowing around the affected area. Wash your hands well before and after each application to avoid infection.

If rashes are frequent, talk to your doctor.

What are homeopathic remedies for cold sores?

If you’re a fan of small grains, homeopathy can be an alternative or complement to the classic treatment:

  • the vaccine Necessary as soon as the first manifestations appear.
  • Rhus toxicity It is advised to attend vesicles;.
  • Apis It is used in case of feeling tingling and swelling of the lips.

What natural remedies for cold sore treatment?

toothpaste. It’s the grandmother’s treat that sometimes proves worth it. It consists of putting a little toothpaste on herpes overnight. By drying it out, it will speed up its disappearance.

Essential oils. Especially those fromtea tree or ravintsara. Put a drop of pure on your finger or using
a cotton swab, 2-3 times a day,
recommends Sylvie Hampikian, a pharmacist who specializes in botanical aromatherapy. Wash well
hands after application.
It is also possible Put a drop of essential oil in a little cream (Acyclovir for example) We will apply it to the blister. Be careful to avoid contact of the mixture with the inner mucous membranes of the mouth.

What can be done to increase the effectiveness of treatments?

Once the remedies are in your pocket, it is important that you do soAvoid the sun and extreme cold (Be careful during snowy holidays) f rest Because a cold sore is often associated with a state of extreme fatigue, low morale pSometimes too. It can be hard to live with the ugliness and the pain even if it’s only a few days or even a week.

Fight fatigue and improve your natural defenses The first recommendations are: be sure to eat a balanced diet, restful sleep and Fight stress While engaging in physical activity or relaxing. If the rashes are frequent, talk to your doctor, who may prescribe oral antivirals for several months. says Dr. Ross. If they don’t cure herpes, they help space out recurrences.

This appearance is frequent during pregnancy due to the fatigue that this condition can cause. Oral self-medication is completely discouraging.And warns Dr. Ross. On the other hand, from the first prick, you can apply antiviral cream locally. If relapses are very frequent or cold sores appear in other places such as the genitals, talk to your obstetrician.

The virus is highly contagious and can be transmitted to other people. while paying, avoid kissing others, Especially children under 6-7 years old, Especially if they are prone to eczemaAnd our expert insists. In them, the herpes virus can spread to the whole body. Some things to do:

  • Do not touch the cold sore with your fingers.
  • Do not share dishes or towels.
  • Avoid kisses and intimate contact.
  • Follow your doctor’s prescription.

What should I avoid while treating a cold sore

  • tearing off the crust delays healing,
  • disinfecting a cold sore with alcohol or alcohol-containing products because they cause irritation and keep herpes at bay,
  • laying the groundwork for masking lesions due to the risk of delayed healing,
  • Treat lesions with topical products containing corticosteroids.

Complications: ocular herpes

The herpes virus around the mouth can spread to other parts of the face. It can also spread to other areas of his body, such as the eyes, nose, skin, or genital tract. Ocular herpes occurs in the eye: it can lead to vision loss from the affected eye if proper treatment is not prescribed very quickly. Before the appearance of a eye painOpinion and examination by an ophthalmologist are necessary to make a diagnosis and start treatment. It is forbidden to use some medications and eye drops in the case of ocular herpes.

Thanks to Dr. Nina Ross, dermatologist.


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