Eating whole grains helps with weight loss and reduces visceral fat

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detect location Eat wellCarbohydrates are found in fruits, vegetables, nuts, beans, lentils, dairy products and whole grains, not just bread, pasta and muffins.

Whole grains reduce your weight
Whole grains reduce your weight

One of the most common tips for those who want to lose weight is to eliminate or reduce their carb intake, and while some may feel content cutting carbs, avoiding them can have long-term adverse consequences. , according to a report published by the website. “Eat well”

Carbohydrates can play a key role in a healthy weight loss diet, and while all foods can work, even for those trying to lose weight, eating more of certain types of carbohydrates that promote weight loss can help you lose weight. help get you closer to your goal – and be HE, through more content.

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And the site said that contrary to the common belief that carbs are the number one reason for weight gain, Carolyn Suzy of the Nutrition Academy says, “Carbohydrates offer many health benefits.” , and carbs are found in a group of foods, like fruits, vegetables, nuts, beans, lentils, and dairy — not just bread, pasta, and muffins.

Many sources of carbohydrates, including fruits, vegetables, nuts, beans, legumes, and whole grains, are high in fiber: “The fiber in complex carbohydrates can help you feel full longer, which which is good news if a person is trying to control their diet. mass.”“.

The research, published in 2019 in the journal “Nutrition”Eating more fiber alone improved weight loss in adults on a diet compared to those who ate fewer nutrients over a 6-month period, and another benefit of eating carbs via these dietary sources rich in fiber is that those who increased their intake of fruits and vegetables, they also eat healthy meals that are more nutrient dense.

Dr. Susie explains that a balanced approach to weight loss means that all foods can be included in the diet as long as calories are reduced in a healthy way..

Benefits of eating carbohydrates
Benefits of eating carbohydrates

best options..

Compared to whole grains, whole grains are a complete nutritional category, while other options like brown rice, oatmeal and quinoa are just too good to choose, Dr Susie said, adding “Whole grains are delicious, very satisfying and a good source of fibre.”“.

Stick to a weight loss plan.

She explained that the key to weight control is consistency, but when healthy carbohydrate sources are incorporated into the diet, the possibility of deprivation can be reduced, adding, “Including healthy whole grains can help people adhere better to the diet. diet” and achieve a good weight. loss results..

chronic diseases..

People who eat more whole grains also eat more fiber – whole grains also help replace refined grains in the diet, protecting against diseases like heart disease, diabetes and certain cancers, according to a meta-analysis by 2019 published in the journal “The Lancet” The study results also indicated that increasing whole grains has been shown to promote healthy body weight. Researchers suggest eating 25 to 29 grams of fiber daily. For comparison, a cup of cooked whole-wheat pasta contains about 4 grams of fiber, while a slice of toast contains white on less than a gram..

Support a healthy weight..

People who eat more whole grains are more likely to maintain a healthy weight Research finds that people who eat whole grains tend to have a healthier weight, according to the results of a 2019 meta-analysis published in “Nutrients”because whole grains help control appetite, and these foods can improve the health of the gut microbiome, which over time can affect body weight.

Cholesterol and sugar.

Dr. Susie confirmed that those who limit carb intake as part of a weight loss plan lose weight quickly, noting that “every time carbs are cut, weight loss will occur,” but the main goal remains long-term weight loss. it is necessary to find a nutritional plan that can be adhered to in the long term, and the use of whole grains as a source of carbohydrates and fiber improves cholesterol and blood sugar levels.




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