A window into the health of the body.. Your tongue tells you secrets you don’t expect

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The appearance of the tongue and the signs that appear on it help to detect many pathological conditions, which has prompted doctors to call it the window into the health of the body.

The tongue can reflect issues ranging from vitamin deficiencies to allergies and a weakened immune system, making the organ look smooth or red or beginning to show signs of fungal infection.

White spots are a sign of a fungal infection

Small amounts of the Candida fungus live on the skin and inside the body in the mouth, throat, and intestines. It is harmless and usually goes unnoticed.
But it can suddenly start growing, causing a white coating to appear on the tongue.
“It’s a very white coating, on the top, sides and under the tongue, and symptoms include loss of taste and smell and pain when eating or swallowing,” said Oceana Akusa, a dentist at the Rutgers University in New Jersey.
The infection can be easily treated with antifungal medications, which can be given in tablet or liquid form.
This type of fungus is not contagious and can be eliminated by brushing the limb twice a day.
Smooth tongue

A flabby tongue can be a warning sign of vitamin deficiency, such as iron and vitamin B12 deficiency, both of which are important for making red blood cells in the body that carry oxygen to various organs.
The tongue has hundreds of small bumps on its surface called papillae, each containing several taste buds, but when someone is deficient in vitamins, these taste buds begin to fade.
Other symptoms of a deficiency in these vitamins include extreme fatigue, chest pain, and pale skin.
canker sores

These are small, round, painful lesions that can form on the tongue, cheeks, or gums. Medically, they are called “aphthous ulcers”.
This can be caused by accidental bites in the mouth or even brushing too hard.
These sores are harmless and usually heal on their own without complications.
But doctors say people with recurrent, unusually large ulcers should see a doctor.
Strawberry tongue indicates a secret delicacy

If you ever experience a red tongue after eating a certain food, it could be a sign of a hidden allergy, otherwise known as strawberry tongue.
Dentists say it could indicate an allergy to certain foods, especially certain fruits and vegetables.
Other causes of “strawberry tongue” include bacterial infections that occur when people have strep throat.
The appearance of yellow spots

A yellow tongue is caused by the accumulation of dead skin cells on the surface of the tongue, which means that the tongue cleaning process is not done properly.
Doctors say the buildup itself is usually “harmless,” but it can be an indication of an underlying condition, such as gastritis.
Other symptoms include bad breath, bad taste in the mouth, sore throat and fever.








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